Welcome Fall

You didn't think I was going to miss out on wishing the blogworld a happy first day of fall message, did you?

happy fall 2014

No way!

The weekend was amazing!  The crispy weather arrived with pumpkins and mums popping up on every porch in Indiana including mine!  I couldn't wait to take some pics of my sweet Cinderella pumpkins that I decorated with this year.  Aren't they awesome?  I can't stop myself when it comes to fall and porches!

2014-09-21 15.50.24

Yesterday, I got to spend the afternoon with my youngest punk over in the most famous FALL town in Indiana….Nashville.  We call it "Little" Nashville here and also Brown County.  If you're ever in Indiana and you say either of those two names….everyone will know exactly where you are talking about.  Going there is a huge treat!  The season comes alive in that town and the people flock to visit!

2014-09-21 17.00.30

We had no agenda.  That's really the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Brown County.  We wandered the streets and popped into all our favorite stores.  I never go to Brown Co. without picking up some Snickerdoodle candles.  So, we loaded up with 3 and then went for pizza.

On our way home….we passed the greatest pumpkin stand.  They carried every variety you could dream of, if you dream of punkin's!  Which I do!

2014-09-21 19.33.45

These are the cuties that Gates picked out for the girls' apartment.  I love the white and purple, don't you?

2014-09-21 19.35.24

Gates & Seth….posing!  Cause nothing says, "Cornballs" more than photo ops with your porch decorations.  I love them for being such good sports!

2014-09-22 16.34.50

I don't need much to make me happy (aside from my family).  A porch pretty much fills my love tank to the brim.  I love having it!  It's not even a huge porch but that doesn't matter…..it's just enough!

2014-09-22 16.35.05

I'm so happy to see fall arrive!  Aren't you?


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