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Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror?

The 40's have a way of kicking any youthful confidence a girl might have to the curb.  Everything changes.  Especially, the skin.  Mine has always been full of freckles but the saggy skin, laugh lines and crows feet eyes have done their best to try to take over!

Recently, a friend invited me to try a nighttime product with a company she was interested in joining ranks with.  Since I never turn down a "TRY ME" product especially if it involves looking younger….I told her to send it my way!

I have been around long enough to know there are no secret potions regarding youthfulness.  If it were so, every woman with a couple bucks in her purse would be wrinkle free, right?

2014-07-21 11.39.46

The box came in the mail with my product on a day that I was dragging around my emotions like an iceberg.  I needed a boost and that little package proved to be more than just a test of skin rejuvenation!

2014-09-22 23.42.32

I started using Nerium AD age-defying night cream that very night.  I followed all the directions just to make sure I was doing it right and set my heart on seeing improvements….

Night after night, I did my face washing routine and applied my Nerium AD.  At first, I didn't really like the smell and the taut feeling it leaves feels a little strange.  But, after just a few days…..I didn't notice either anymore.

Matter of fact, I actually couldn't wait for bedtime just to do my new routine…again.

2014-09-22 23.38.12


I've used just about everything out there within my budget to fight off the aging process.  So many nights I've gone to bed feeling like my whole face was a greasy french fry.


Face lotions do not have to be greasy to work.  Which brings me to the texture of Nerium AD.  It's so soft after it dries and I love that.  I can sleep face down on my pillow without leaving a skid mark of grease behind.  That's a nice feeling!

Now, the big question is DID IT WORK?  Which is why we try a product out in the first place, right?  For me, I liked using Nerium!  My face feels firm and perhaps a bit more youthful than it felt a few weeks ago.  Are all my fine lines erased and smoothed out?  No, not quite.  The effects are much more subtle than that.   Besides, my face has been weathered and worn for a long time.  I grew up in sunny Florida and in a time where sunscreen was for sissies.  I've had serious sunburns and done lots of squinting! 

Nerium AD is definitely worth the try and I absolutely see improvements.  Would I recommend the product?  Heck yes!  Try it! 

Here's a close-up of ME today!  Don't laugh.

2014-09-24 15.00.59

That's the face of a lady who's turning 48 in 18 days !!!!

Thanks Nerium AD & Sara Jo!!!

For anyone interested in learning more about Nerium products go HERE!

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