I’ll Deny It

deny it


I'm living right smack dab in the middle of denial!  I'm happy there!  It's comfy.  I call it my way of COPING!  My life is in shambles right now and when life goes to pot, I go to denial!

Deal with it, y'all!

I thought I noticed a little beveling in the "new" wood floors a few days ago as I went to answer the front door.  Since I had just cleaned them the previous day I chalked it up to a glare from the window.  Cause, you know…..light illusion!!

I wish I had looked a bit closer, now.

2014-09-24 15.56.01

Notice the little bumps in the seams.  Something is very wrong and there's only one way to find the problem.

2014-09-24 16.05.09

Tear. It. Out.

2014-09-24 16.05.22

See why I am living in denial?

2014-09-24 17.32.25

This can't be happening!  We've just put these down in December.  These are all the thoughts along with WHERE IS IT COMING FROM?  The biggest mystery is still unsolved!  We've moved furniture, searched into walls, flushed toilets, ran spigots…..you name it we've done it.  We have not, however, jacked into the concrete floor.  The wet and damaged area is in the very center of the room (of course) so the only logical place the water is coming from….is under the concrete.

Do you know how a problem like that is repaired?


My denial-o-meter might be at the TOP OF THE CHART!!

Best part of all this trouble?  We leave for Texas…..tomorrow at lunchtime!  For around 2 weeks!


So, I'm in a position of chewing on my own words…..DON'T BORROW TROUBLE!!  Worrying won't do any good it will just make me miserable!  This too shall pass.  Something good will come from this, right?  And if it doesn't, I'll just deny it!


You see when we're buried under stress and you lavishly hand out peace.  I am in need of your mercy today.  Help me cope and please help us solve this issue.


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