Bleach Black Mama

I'm having a moment here.  One of those…..Is that you Lord?  Are you trying to tell me something moments!

Ever have those?

I woke up early this morning minus my voice.  My throat felt like I swallowed a smoke bomb and never washed it down with any water.  Fire, burning and raw!  When I tried to speak it sounded like I was a yodler!


…..only not as cute as this duckling's yodle!

I hopped out of bed and made some breakfast for hubby and myself (I drowned down some oj for a hit of Vitamin C) and decided I'd relax a little before getting dressed to hit the town with friends later.  After thinking about it, decided I'd clean the bathroom and throw in a load of towels to wash.

After I was dressed to go….for the day!

That's when I picked up the bleach….

I'm probably not the only one to do this but I have a little conversation inside my head every single time I get near a bleach bottle.  No matter how spill proof they make the caps, I can splatter it somewhere it's not supposed to go.  Well, I talked it out in my head and decided I could pour it VERWY VERWY CAREWFULLY way down low into the washing machine.  That's when I heard the ploop and felt the splash!  

On my brand new black shirt!!!

2014-10-02 11.51.55I think I heard devils dancing!

2014-10-02 11.51.25

Perhaps even making up rhyming songs about me liking clean  white towels!!

While I was getting my new shirt ready for the trash, I let my friend's 3 big yellow labs out to play!  I'm in the middle of a ranch so big ….. (more talking inside my head) that WHAT COULD HAPPEN?  They needed to potty and run for a bit, right?

5 minutes later…..only 2 dogs come back from their "run"!  The missing one?  The old sweet perfect precious deaf one!  GONE GIRL!

Here's her picture I snapped last night.  She also models on the side for birthday pics!

2014-10-01 18.55.15

….and guess WHO has no vehicle?

I started walking & looking for her while the other two wild chicks danced around my feet, shaking off pond water all over me and my white shorts and ruined black shirt.  I can't yell because I have the voice of a smoking yodler and it won't matter because….she can't hear!

I called my hubby and asked him to come help me find her….

….and guess who else has no vehicle?

It's a dog eat dog world here at the ranch these days (when it comes to sharing vehicles!).  Which leads me to the last straw.  Old Teal, my lost dog friend….finally mosied her way back up the road (she decided to go check on all the calving mama cows THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION that her 2 buddies had explored).  I loaded the 3 amigos back onto the back porch and offered them all a chew strap for entertainment.  The last one to take the treat was Trapper.  Trapper is a new buddy to the two female labs.  He's not as trained as he could be.  As I handed him his chew, he clamped down on my hand so hard I thought he was going to eat my whole hand.


So, here's my moment.

Sore throat, headache, lost dog, no ride, bleach ruined black shirt…..chomped hand!

I'm just wondering…..what else?

Pushing on, y'all!  Pushing!

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