Put Down the Ed Hardy T-shirts

Starting over with a hair dresser is torture.  That's a relationship outside of family that mimics a close knit friend or sister, usually.  I loved Sheila, my last beautician.  She took care of me and did whatever I asked for.  She also cut and styled all of my kids hair.  Nothing was ever impossible for her.  She just made magic and we always had fun when we went to her salon.

I've been in a sort of salon funk ever since I moved to Indy.  It's a huge decision finding a hair magician replacement.  Indy is of course a bustling city full of amazing and talented hair peeps.  I just couldn't take the step to find someone new.

Call me wimpy!  I deserve it.

However, I'm in Texas.  Texas has it's own small town vibe (at least where I'm at, it does).  Cause, I'm in a real small town and it feels just like home.  So, I decided to get brave and seek out a hair salon for a cut-n-style.  Luckily for me, one of the greatest team members we have at the ranch is a "local" gal and she had a fantastic recommendation.

Janeen's Country Cottage.  Doesn't that just scream, "Come git yer harr done?"

I stopped in last week for a walk-in hair cut.  Janeen was too busy but suggested one of her other girls, so I took her offer.  While she was cutting my hair, I told her about wanting to do highlights.  I also told her how afraid I was of looking funky.  I wanted the color to be subtle and natural looking and she assured me it was an easy fix.

So, I made an appointment for Monday morning.  I knew if I didn't do it quick….I'd cancel and never go through with it.

I'm really glad……I did it.

2014-10-06 13.30.37

 My fear was wasted.  I loved how she listened to me and did exactly what I wanted.

2014-10-06 13.41.14

Guess who's feeling sassy?

2014-10-06 13.55.29

I love it!

I feel it's time I fess up.  For years, I mean a very looooooong time…..I have done all my own coloring.  I'd cut it too (IF I COULD) because I'm that frugal when it comes to my hair.

Sad, I know.

But after today's little adventure….I will take the time and spend the money on getting my hair done.  It was better than special!  And since my birthday is coming up next week…..I'm considering it my BIRTHDAY SPLURGE!!

So, happy birthday to me!  October 12th a bit early!

2014-10-06 13.41.49

Now, I just have to plan out my trips to Texas for all my future hair appointments!

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