Waiting Ain’t for Sissies

I've waited all day for UPS. 




If you remember, I got a special little gift for my 25th wedding anniversary LAST MONTH?!  And today is THE DAY that it is supposed to arrive.

My hubby nearly killed us both driving into the wee hours this morning in order to get us home from Texas.  He wanted to be back for work…….I wanted MY RING!!!


So, I've done as much cleaning and unpacking as I can stand in order to pass time for when that doorbell rings.  I also faced the music and organized and paid bills.  Being away for over 2 weeks means stacks of mail and tons to sort and throw away. 

It's 4:58pm and I'm still waiting…..

Will he deliver today?  That is the question.  I feel like a kid with a pile of presents under the tree.

I CANNOT WAIT much longer!

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