I Like 48

2014-10-12 21.12.18

Well, it happened!  I had my birthday.  It was THE BEST birthday ever too.  My family spent the whole weekend together and I loved every minute of it.


It doesn't even bother me that I'm a whopping 48 either.  Who cares?  I've lived a great life and seeing a number that high doesn't faze me anymore.  Being in your 40's brings out the best in a person (I think).  It's not a big deal to be something you're not at this age.  I've been married since I was 22, a mother since I was 23 and I've had a million different life lessons along the way that have molded me into who I am – today!


I'm surrounded by love….crazy love, somedays.  But, it's real love not the fake manufactured kind.  I woke up this morning (after my hubby & son left for Texas) and found a sweet love note written on my bathroom mirror.  Even though I'll see them in less than a week……I felt the love he was sending — just for me.


I couldn't be more blessed. 


Your love for me is deeper than any love I could ever brag about from my family.  Still, you gave me the greatest reminder in each of them just how special YOU THINK I am.  Thank you for another year of life.  Help me to love with a heart like yours.



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