Attitude Boost

Ever feel like you need a swift kick in the pants?  Or in the attitude?  Last night, I had a "eureka" moment that brought me to the conclusion that my attitude was ruining my girls' visit in Texas.


I let the little inconveniences take over my joy and by dinner last night…..I was ready to fly home and never come back to the land of cowboy boots & fishing!

be happy u

I don't like feeling like that and I certainly don't want my girls to have a negative memory of their ONE VISIT to the place we've come to love. 

Today, I'm choosing to move forward and be happy!  I won't let the circumstances that are out of my control run my emotions.  Life is too short for that!  And so is the time that I have with my girls!

do nice for

So, when I find myself feeling overlooked or unimportant….I'm going to pray for eyes to see and a heart to love in spite of what's going on around me.



My attitude is important.  It's important to those around me and to You.  Help me focus on the good things around me and to be thankful for every blessing.  When frustration comes help me cope in a way that honors you.


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