Paris It Is

Don't try to tell me how amazing Paris is…..I already know!  Especially when you're with your favorite girls in the whole wide world.

Okay, so it's Paris, TEXAS!  But for us….it was a fun day spent shopping and eating lunch at a delicious bakery downtown.  Just being girls!

Paris Tx Girls

That attitude check thing, really works!  Everyone had a better day because we made an effort to CHECK OURSELVES before we WRECKED OURSELVES!


I've never really met a small town that I didn't like.  No matter the geographic location….they are full of sweetness and cool spots to explore.


I mean…..really, come on!  Just look, a cowboy hat?  Perfect!


And before you judge… dress?  It is NOT a shorty mini dress, it is THE ANGLE!  So, thank you camera on the ground shot!  Geez!


I'm sad that today is the day our girls fly back to Indiana.  I'm going to miss having them to hang out with and explore.  Life calls, break is over….college doesn't wait for chicks off having fun.  So, back they go.


Thank you for the fun break with our family together in Texas.  Each of us consider ourselves blessed because of the life you've given us.  Help us always be grateful for every little detail.


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