Best All Around

Yesterday was my favorite guy's birthday.  He finally (after 10 days) caught up with me.  That's pretty typical with him, because he never leaves me hanging….even when it comes to our birthdays!  He jumps right in and joins me.


Since it was also our girls' last day in Texas, we thought we'd go into Dallas early and visit the George W. Bush Presidential Library as a family.  Everyone really enjoyed the Library and the time together before we split up our five-some!  It was a long day but just what we needed to end our family time in Texas.  We made lots of great memories!



To celebrate we steered in a little different direction than we normally would and hit the coolest grocery mega store ever, Central Market!  It may seem weird, but we had fun there and had our own little party in the dining area.  Hubby picked out a few scrumptious desserts and we made a birthday "cake" out of them…..and we shared bites from each choice.  It was perfect!  I may have eaten 5 samples of the crunchy spicy California sushi roll while I was there too.  But….Shhhhh about that, okay?

2014-10-22 16.14.25

Because of who he is and what he means to me, I can't help but share a few reasons why I love him so much and find him worthy of celebrating everyday…..and especially on his birthday!

2014-10-22 16.13.41

This guy is one of the world's most thoughtful people.  He goes out of his way to put other's first.  He sees what needs to be done in order to make life better for someone else and he does it and He likes doing it too.  (I credit his mother & father!)  His brain runs a million miles a minute ALL DAY & NIGHT because he's a thinking man.  He's always trying to figure out the why & how to just about everything he has to do or even stuff someone else is trying to do.  He enjoys helping others.  I don't think he ever says no.  I know he never says it to me and I've loved him long enough to see him interact with co-workers, friends, bosses, family….and he's always willing to try to make whatever that person needs ….HAPPEN!

People like my hubby are rare, he's special!


I'm proud of him.  He treats people with kindness and respect.  Even when they don't seem to want it or show it back.  He has, engrained within his being, a genuine ability to see people with eyes that understand.  Whether it be someone who is struggling emotionally or physically, without a faith in Christ or someone just overwhelmed with their circumstances.  He gets it and he tries to meet them right where they are.  He's always willing to let God use him to influence others just by being himself.  He never tries to be something that he's not to anyone, ever.  I love that about him.  He influences me to be better…..every day!


He doesn't get his feathers in a ruffle!  When the world comes crashing down, he pushes on.  When everyone's ringing his phone (me included), filling up his email and begging for help by text…..he manages to do something for everyone and never blinks an eye.  I've been told so many times how he saved the day or got someone out of a real pickle and I never get tired of hearing it.  He loves what he does and he works very hard at it. 

So, whether anyone else ever notices how awesome my hubby is (and I know they do)….these are just a few of the things that I see in him that I love.  I am so grateful for him and I'm so proud of all that he does to make my world a better place.  Remember in school when the yearbook staff selected particular people for the different awards?  Like, Most Athletic or Most Musical?  When I think of my hubby…..I can't help but think he wins BEST ALL AROUND!

That describes him exactly (for me).  He is good at just about everything he sets out to do!

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Happy 48, babe!  You are my favorite person in the whole world!


After 25 years of loving him… just gets better every day.  Thank you for my husband and his positive influence in my life and the lives of those around him.  He is a treasure!


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