Don’t Grow Weary

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It seems everywhere I look someone is fighting a battle.  For most of us, the fight wears us down.  Our human nature succombs to the weight of our issues and the result shows up as discouragement.

I've been there.

So much of our life is based on performance; our role as parents/spouses, our careers….even our financial status.  It can feel like someone is always watching, not to see us do well, but to catch us failing.   If we're not careful, we fall into a trap of pleasing other's instead of God.

A long time ago, I found myself in a position of GIVE GIVE GIVE.  My heart grew tired and frustrated.  The more I gave of my time & effort, the less other's noticed or cared.  It became an expectation and it left me feeling resentful and miserable.  I was living in a vicious circle of looking to other's for affirmation.

I should've been looking to God.

I didn't set out to please other's (first) it just happened that way.  My focus on doing my best got mixed in with pride and obsession.  The ugly results left me with a bitterness that still tastes bad recalling it all these years later.  I couldn't separate who I was trying to please….God or myself?

I've learned some hard lessons in my life.  Doing good is a good thing, if you are doing it with the right heart-a-tude!  The best way to grow weary is to try doing everything with your own glory in mind.  Trust me, do it for God's glory not your own.  It doesn't mean you won't face discouragement, the world can be a depressing place somedays.  But, you can trust Him to work through you and the blessing of that is priceless!

So, next time you are feeling down & out over a struggle that you can't seem to beat…remember, hang in there….keep at it…..God has a great reward just for you!



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