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Last week, I forced myself into Walmart because I had a ton of groceries to buy for the big birthday weekend.  As I walked in the main doors, I grabbed an empty cart and made my way to the restrooms.  My lucky cart banged and clanged as if it were planning to self-destruct right there in front of all the innocent shoppers checking out.  I held my head high and raced towards the restrooms.  Because, you know….dignity!

Once I made it to the bathrooms, I noticed a man selling something stationed right beside the doors.  He looked at me strangely (probably wondering what in the world I was doing making so much noise) so, I played it off as if I KNEW NOTHING and pushed my way into the bathroom.  Immediately, I thought…."What are all these women doing leaning up against urinals?" and like a punch to the face, realized that I was standing inside a very busy mens restroom!!!

Out I ran only to see the salesguy giving me the HAHA look for going in the wrong bathroom! 


Today, I was hurrying my way down to the grocery store near the high school for some lunch.  I waited patiently for my turn through the busy 4-way stop and once it was my turn (or so I thought) I accelerated on and a lady in an SUV took off at the same time.  I had to slam on my brakes and watch as she angrily passed in front of me, clearly shaking her head at my error.  I tried to give her the – "sorry, mercy" gesture and that's when I recognized the pretty face of my realtor!   🙂

I felt so embarrassed!

laugh laugh

So, I've come to the conclusion that I need to sell tickets to anyone looking for a laugh during normal everyday activities.  The only catch is….you have to withstand a bit of mundane boresville to get to the good parts!

laugh medicine

……it's only Tuesday, y'all!

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