I feel I must warn you that I exercised last night (did some squats) and when I woke up this morning. …….

Nothing had changed!


I guess that means I have to do them again.


Oh, I kid.

Nothing reminds you how weak and out of shape you are more than hiking in the woods searching for stray limbs to start a fire in your fireplace.  I went to pick some up before coming home yesterday but the guy who sells it couldn’t get any to me until tonight (it’s snowing now).  You’ll be glad to hear that I did find something to burn but I was covered in the stickiest burs created and spent the rest of the evening picking them off of my fuzzy pj pants… the fire.

My life really is THIS glamorous!

Don’t worry about me though, winter has arrived and I will be danged if I’m giving up that easy!  I will have a killer pile of firewood and I will exercise every day……

I mean it!


Happy Thursday eve, friends.

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