Merry Car-mas

This whole last week has been about cars.   Both daughter's called with "issues" that needed immediate attention.  On Saturday, hubby zipped around empty parking lots trying to hear the suspicious noise in Ally's car.  The final outcome was to add fluids and keep an eye on it.  And he's not even a physician.

Yesterday, a phone text from the baby called for high alert on her screaming brakes.  She just couldn't drive it anymore!  So, the evening was filled with good old dad changing brakes and oil in our garage while we watched The Voice by the fire.

He doesn't deserve us!

Since it's only 9 days until Christmas morning I thought car problems fit in real nicely with all the special wishes most of us have this time of year.  NOT!  However, I'm so grateful that I have a hubby that can and WILL work on cars after working all day.  He is the best Santa daddy!

In case you were wondering….I do not have my shopping finished.  There are certain people that I have no idea what to buy for them.  Which leads to that dreaded feeling of desperation that leads to some impulse purchases that are usually a gigantic regret!

So, I'm sitting on a frozen spender!  As in….I'm not buying anything!

What do you do when time is running out and you just can't figure out what to buy the ones you love but don't want to JUST BUY STUFF to buy stuff?


Here's the deal.  Kids don't need us to give them everything.  Even though our hearts want to bless them like crazy.  In today's economy, people are really struggling.  Prices of just about everything….are costly!  Just like the many car repair costs, real needs often trump wants.  Buying some special gifts that are within reason is acceptable.  But remember, nothing compares to the time invested in the ones you love.


Thank you for the means to fix cars and buy gifts.  I know every good and perfect thing comes from you.


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