31 Days of Prayer

Here we are on the last day of 2014 and people everywhere are gearing up to CHANGE their lives for the better.  Most of us have high hopes of losing weight, eating healthier, making more money and enjoying the life we're living to the fullest.  All good things, of course but I have a challenge that might kick 2015 even higher in the sky.


What if we focused on prayer this year?  Instead of obsessing over the outside, how about we hunker down and devote some attention to our inside?  Prayer changes everything — from our hearts, to our neighbors illness and even into our everyday decisions.  God has provided a power source that never fails….

I've come up with 31 ways to pray and I challenge you to join me.  January 2015, look out dude!

1.  Spiritual growth  –  Nothing will be as important as spiritual revival in our hearts.  Pray for yourself and your family to grow closer to God.  This will be your foundation to a strong prayer life.

2.  Obedience  –  Ask God to help you obey the precepts He lays out in scripture.  A good way to clear up any confusion as to what is good & holy in God's eyes….is purposely seeking truth in Bible study and prayer.  He will make clear what needs to go in your life.  Trust me.

3.  Direction  –  Seek out God's direction for your life and the life of your family.  No need to waste time wandering, right?

4.  TRUST  –  Instead of relying on yourself or others…why not ask God to help you trust Him more?

5.  Pure heart  –  This is a big one for me because I recognize within me is a weakness to judge, hold grudges, fake it and ignore the obvious.  I have to work double-time to really love and serve with a pure heart.  Ps. 51:10 is my favorite go-to verse.

6.  Humility  –  I can't have a pure heart without seriously focusing on being humble.  God will give you a spirit of humility, if you ask.

7.  Faithful in giving  –  My money is NOT my own.  Generosity in giving is a peek into the heart of every believer.  Sad, huh?  Many of us cling to our money like it is our everything!  Give and do it without blabbing about it.

8.  Boldness  –  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I have wasted many important moments to share HIS LOVE & FORGIVENESS with someone who needed it.  I pray for the courage to speak when the opportunity is there.  I wish I'd never met Jesus, said no believer ever!

9.  Hidden sin  –  What?  You didn't think I knew you had any did you?  Well, I do.  Because we are all sinners!  Focus on cleaning out those secret sins that you keep stuffing down in your heart.  You will never know freedom like this freedom!

10.  Scripture memorization  –  Don't get nervous.  Everyone wishes they knew more verses by heart.  Focus on a few easy ones to get you started.  Some of my fave's are 2 Timothy 1:7, Phillipians 4:13, Isaiah 40:31.  He will help you hide His words in your heart.

11.  A servant heart  –  In an ALL ABOUT ME world, we all could use a little more outward focused people.  Don't you think?  Ask God to help you serve…..and model it for your children.  They won't forget, ever.

12.  Grace  –  Pray for God to show you grace and to teach you how to GIVE GRACE to those who need it.  Every little detail of each of our lives is connected to grace. 

13.  Family  –  Pray over your children, parents and close family.  Focus on God's will for each of their lives.  If you don't do it, who will?

14.  Husband  –  Do you realize how many people your husband has to please?  His job, family, church, friends…YOU, etc.  Everyone expects him to perform at the highest level.  He could really use some prayers.

15.  Hope  –  What are you hoping for?  Ask God to give you what you are hoping for.  Maybe you need a stronger relationship with someone at church or in your family.  God hears your prayers.

16.  Discernment  –  It can be a little prickly to see the true side of the ones we look up to most.  God wants you to love with a pure heart but He also wants you to be careful in whom you are trusting with every detail of your life.

17.  Faithfulness  –  Now that you're half-way into January, you may be falling short on your prayer life.  Get back on that horse and ride, friend.  Pray for focus and faithfulness….everyone grows weary.

18.  Your church  –  The church is a mixed up basket of people from every walk of life.  If we're not careful, things can get very unchurchy real quick!  Pray over the leaders, members and those who'll visit.  Unhealthy churches are the worst witness for Jesus.

19.  The hurting & lonely  –  Someone you know needs your prayers today.  Pray for them, call them….send them a card.  You have no idea what such a simple act will do for their soul.  God cares about them and so should you.

20.  Thanksgiving  –  Say thanks.  Don't ask for anything just graciously thank God for your life and everything He's doing in it.

21.  Your story  –  We all have one.  Pray over yours and ask God to help you live out the life He's given you with abundance.  Share your story.

22.  Forgiveness  –  Your story might have some baggage that needs removal from your life.  Repenting of sin that is stuck there in the shadows may be your stumbling block.  Ask God to forgive you and move on.  Also, offer forgiveness to someone your brain keeps telling you…doesn't deserve it!

23.  Your attitude  –  Maybe you're a positive person, all the time.  I'm not.  I need regular reminders to clean up my attitude.  I want an attitude like Christ!

24.  Friends & neighbors  –  Those people you wave to and occasionally speak to….pray for them.  When you talk to them….find out what needs they have that you can pray for.  Somebody needs to know you care about them, that much!

25.  Your eyes  –  Our eyes are the window to our soul.  Why do we watch, read and look at just about anything we want to?  It's important that we protect our hearts especially by what we allow in through our eyes.

26.  Holiness  –  Personal holiness is one of the keys to peace.  If I'm all a mess in this area….I don't have any peace especially in my prayer life.  I must die to things that do not belong in my life.

27.  Tongue  –  What we say matters.  Pray for God to give you a mouth that speaks goodness & love.  Complaining and disagreeing is a joy buster.  Use your words to spread love & encouragement.

28.  Friendship  –  We all need friends.  Don't miss the chance to add NEW ONES!!  Ask God to put someone new in your life.

29.  Surrender  –  Stop holding onto stuff that weighs you down.  Surrender today what paralyzes you.  Be brave and hand it over to God.

30.  FAITH  –  I need a deeper faith and I know it.  Every year that zips past me, I'm reminded that my relationship with Christ should be even stronger than it was this time last year.  I want to blow my own mind with my strong faith.

31.  J O Y  –  Jesus.  Others.  Yourself.  Praise Him first,  thank Him for others and then commit yourself to whatever it is that He has planned for you for the rest of 2015!!!

pray hard

I'll be praying for you as you resolve to make this year a better year through prayer.  Together, we can jumpstart our year into the best one yet…all through the power of prayer!  So, let's kiss 2014 and all it's ups & downs goodbye and welcome in a NEW YEAR full of faithfilled love & grace!


Thank you for another year to celebrate all the ways you've loved and blessed me.  I want 2015 to be even better.  Help me, pray faithfully everyday.


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