2015 Word of the Year

2015 word of the year

I tried extra hard to avoid this word.  Matter of fact, I ignored it every single time it popped up in my face.  Somewhere in the back of my mind….I knew it was supposed to be mine.


Trust is a fancy way of saying; I give up!  I hand it all over!  It's yours, I'm just here to do and be whatever you've got for me, Lord!  Which is pretty fitting for me…because that's right where my heart is as I hand over my control freak reigns on this first day of 2015!

trust me

When I asked for prayer in helping me choose my word for the year ( I meant it dudes)….I admitted my fear of choosing something safe.  Big words scare me, I confess!  I don't want to be tested.  Which is why I tried my hardest to skip on over the word TRUST!  Yet, here I am.  Surrendered.  Willing.  Buckling up.  Praying along.

trust 2

So, as I do my best to write 2015 on all my checks and papers (how I wish this was all I had to fear for 2015)  I'm preparing my heart for all the ways GOD will challenge me to TRUST HIM more in the new year.

Why should I trust Him?

Because when I don't trust God, it grieves His heart.  It also blocks me from moving forward.  Which ultimately robs me of joy, peace and blessings.

I don't want to wander around with a tiny faith, stuck and miserable in my own might.  I NEED GOD!  I NEED HIS POWER!  I NEED HIS DIRECTION!



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