Fashion Friday Winter Edition

queenies fashion friday

This post comes as a courtesy to you from the world's biggest fashion hypocrite!  In other words, WHO DO I THINK I AM giving out fashion advice when I haven't worn REAL CLOTHES in daaaaaaaaays!?

You're welcome!

I suppose I should just go ahead and humble myself and tell you…..that if I WERE TO GET DRESSED (and trust me, I will eventually) that these awesome fashion choices are high at the top of my list to want to wear, ok?  Just keepin' it real.


pj s

Jones New York Essentials Wrap and Pajama pants

In honor of my own laziness, pj's are my first item.  To me, what I wear around the house MUST be appropriate to answer the door.  I mean, I'm not a total animal!  These are sassy with a butt-load of comfy all rolled into one.  $34.99 at Macy's!


DKNY Cozy Animal Print Fleece

Just one more, in case you are a little fancier than the first choice.  A bit pricier at $49.99 but for AN OUTFIT to lounge in….worth it, guys!

red top

Shirred Woven Top

If you find yourself bound by the rules of society (unless you are headed to the ongoing slumber party held daily at Walmart) and are forced into real clothes….this is a cute casual look.  The flowy red shirt can be dressed up or down.  Your choice.  And face it, life is all about choices people!  I just wish the people choosing to wear their pajamas to Walmart chose differently.  TMI!  Shirt on sale at Nordy's $40.80  NOTE: runs small

lauren jeans

Lauren Jeans Co.

Because I wear boots almost everyday in the winter, skinny jeans are a must.  These hold stuff in, slenderize what's not skinny and accentuate your shape.  While they're not on the high end of cost they have the power to provide just what you're looking for to pull together an outfit.  On sale at 1/2 off over on Macy's for $44.99

Note:  I feel it's important we have the expensive jeans talk.  Jeans are timeless.  However, some jeans DO GO OUT OF STYLE!  There, I said it.  Spending a little more money on a good stylish pair of jeans is worth it.  I've "heard" there are some really awesome brands that flatter you and change your life.  I'm still searching for them.  Hint:  Miss Me, True Religion, Hudson, 7 For All Mankind…etc.  Go, try several on and then buy them!  Well, buy one pair!


Donna Morgan Jersey Dress

Why oh why?  Why don't more women tap into the comfort that is the blessing of wearing dresses?  This little jersey dress is at TJ Maxx (my fave store) and can be worn with a cute heel or winter'd up with a sassy pair of boots!  I layer dresses with jackets or sweaters too, this gives me a longer wearing wardrobe!  AND THEY ARE CUTE AND COMFORTABLE!  $39.99

run gloves

Hind Running Gloves

Let me blow your mind!!  Yes, these are running gloves!  No, I haven't been running but I sure want to and if I buy these sweet little guys….I'm going to have to get out there and start trucking!  $9.99


The Girls TUMMY CONROL joggers

Uhm, hello….these had me at tummy control!  If I'm going out in the cold, I'm going to need something to hold in all my jiggle!  These are flattering for workout pants.  $16.99  Woot!

Let me throw in here about how TJ Maxx has it going on right now with workout clothes.  They are selling the cutest stuff.  Maybe this is why so many mom's are wearing workout clothes as real clothes, huh?

work out

Mondetta Seamless Jacquard Top

See?  I'm so inspired to "get busy" working out….I'm picking up some new stuff asap!  $19.99


Nick & Mo Printed Duster

I feel it's only right that I let you know….I'm the QUEENIE of the clearance rack!  You won't find me snubbing a bargain!  Ever.  This is the cutest long sweater on clearance right now at TJ Maxx for $29.99  Only one problem – size Small is all that's left!



Just in case you haven't heard….plaid is THE BIG thing this year.  Any color of plaid will do, just make sure you have some in your arsenal!  I have a few that I wear all the danged time (when I'm not lounging in pj's) and they look so trendy!  On the clearance rack at $20.00

Have you had enough yet?  Well, my starving dream bed making hubby has!  I've got to get dressed (ridiculous) and make him something to eat.  Oh and clean my house.  Which will involve some UNDECORATING for Christmas 2014! 

I might be having LET IT GO issues!

Happy Friday!

Oh, in case you were wondering.  No, my hubby doesn't make our bed.  Yes, he builds dream beds for the girls he loves.  Our youngest got a new bed for Christmas and wanted him to custom build her something LIKE this –>


*Pic taken from Pinterest….which apparently someone had snagged over at one of my fave blogs, Shanty 2 Chic!!

This is the idea he started with and it has evolved into something super gorgeous.  Taller custom legs, much darker stain, tons of distressing and bigger for her new queen mattress!  She is going to die!


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