Downton Abbey Returns


SEASON 5 of Downton Abbey, that's what!

If you are some sort of alien and have not watched the kick-off of the new Downton Abbey season… off!  Don't read here because I may say something that refers to the actual show and people are so danged uppity about spoilers.  To which I say, if you don't want to find out something about a show you've skipped, DON'T READ SOCIAL MEDIA!!!  Unless you could care less about the show and are not a fan.  Which if that's the case, WE CAN'T BE FRIENDS!

Oh I kid.  We can be friends, but I confess…..I'm going to wonder what in the world is wrong with you!!!  Downton Abbey is my favorite show, ever!  Ever, ever….ever!  I pray it's available in heaven.  Just kidding.  I believe heaven will be even better.

What's not to love about these people?  The era, the snobbery, the distant rudeness, the mannerisms, the wealth, the upstairs vs. the down, the relationship dynamics, the whole Edwardian lifestyle!!!  All of it!  I love every detail!  The only complaint I can voice is the fact that the series will zip by so fast.  Every episode will fly by and before you know it, I'll be crying over the season ending and stuck clicking through the tv channels looking for SOMETHING to take its place.

Impossible!  No other shows compare!

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I feel like I really hit the Downton jackpot last night.  Not only did I get to see the newest show but I was able to watch it with my two favorite chicks!  Hubby and I were over at our girls' house (he was finally finished with Gates new bed) and it was delivery day.  While he worked his magic putting together his newest masterpiece, we girls piled on the couch watching MASTERPIECE THEATRE!!!

Best Sunday night ever, y'all!

Colts won their game.  Snow started falling here in Indy.  Our sweet punk can now sleep in her comfy new bed and Downton Abbey is back.

Ain't life grand?


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