Stop It in 2015

stop it

If I were to be very honest and since that's what I preach over here at Queenies Little Kingdom….that's what I'll do, be honest.

2014 was a mixed up bag of nuts of a year for me.

It just wasn't awesome everyday.  Don't get me wrong, it was good.  But I feel like I missed out on a lot of joy for a variety of reasons.  Most of those reasons?  Brace yourselves, were of my own doing.  I know, hard to believe…huh?

joy joy

I've thought of some stuff I need to leave behind in 2014 in order to have an improved 2015!  I don't want to stay stuck in the mud of my own doing all year long because I'm too scared to just STOP IT!

So, I plan to …..


I don't know why I do it, but I do it and I do it BIG!  I've been sitting on so many dreams that I've almost lost the will to ever chase them down.  My heart can't take much more of the complacency!


If it's there to stress over, I stress over it!  My mind gets all caught up in the "what if's" and when that happens, I just can't stop.  I own a whole bucket of worry!


I have a million.  Just put me in a position of doing something important {to me} and I will pour out miles of excuses. 


I tell myself that I'm not good enough or as good as_______ and satan uses all that warped thinking against me.  I doubt my courage, strength, knowledge, abilities….. and a whole lot more.


You'd think I would've learned this one (I have) but my negative attitude, words, behavior affect everyone around me.  Especially, me!


I'm mulling over a good word shared on Kara's blog yesterday.  Her circumstance are so far from my own and yet she is full of thankfulness and joy and love….and life as she dies.  Perhaps that's what drew me to it.  My own need to stop dwelling in stuff that's happened and thanking God for bringing me through it. Thank you, Kara!  My life is a gigantic bucket of grace and I see it, every single day.

"When we live in thanks we receive the love given knowing we are undeserving vessels, but thanks shouts- I SEE THE GRACE BEING POURED OUT!"  — Mundane Faithfulness by Kara Tippetts

It's good to clean out or so I hear (those of you cleaning out closets this week) and if you have some hang-ups holding you hostage, why not make your own list of STOP IT'S in 2015!!?!

be done


I cannot do anything without you.  I need your help in erasing the bad habits that hold me down and keep me from experiencing the life you've got for me.  Help me to STOP doing what sabotages my joy and Yours.


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