Just a Little Land, Please

My hubby and I are all talk.  We talk about stuff that some might refer to as dreaming.  We dream and we talk about it.  That's just us.  It's our thing!

One of our go-to subjects is our house.  We're grateful for it, we enjoy it (for the most part) and we love having a home to share with the ones we love….. but, we want a little more room.  Storage has been a major issue since moving here and our tiny yard is a little sad in the NOWHERE TO ROAM department.  Our dog (Gracie) hates our little yard.  If she gets an edge of freedom….she flees!  She has to if she ever wants to get in a good run.  There's just no running room in our micro yard.

Last week, we were cutting through (that's how we say taking a short cut in the south) an area beyond our neighborhood that's all wooded and private.  Think: country roads.  Nestled back in the woods down this lonely dirt road was a house that looked exactly like the one I have stamped on my brain and it had a realty sign staked at the end of the driveway.  I squealed at my hubby, "See, that's what I want!".  From the road, we could see it was a wooded, large property and a big house.  The best part?  No neighborhood.  No house on top of house.  Our dogs could run like the wind. 

my house

Once we made it home, we looked it up online just to check it out.  As soon as it popped up and we perused through each room (DYING at all the perfect) my giddy excitement could be heard down the street.  This house went on and on….it even had two of our biggest wishes — a pool & a barn!  Imagine how crazy we both started acting when we read the price….. $299,000!

my pool


my barn

We couldn't even grasp what was wrong with this house.  It was too great of a house and way too amazing of a property to only be $299,000.  After coming down off of the ceiling with all the ways I was going to contact someone asap to sell my house and try to make an offer….we figured out, the realty company made a huge error….

Like, they forgot to add a 1 to the front of that $299,000!

True story.  Sad one too.  I had already moved my junk in and decorated the kitchen and dining room!  Oh and planned a kickin' pool party too!  What?  You were invited!

Oh well, bubble…..burst!  Still looking, so if you know of a little bit of land with an affordable house, ring me.  Okay?  Back to dreaming!

Speaking of dreaming, have you entered this year's HGTV DREAMHOME GIVEAWAY?  GO HERE NOW!  Who knows, we may get our dream house another way.


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