Fashion Friday – Purse Edition

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I spent most of Thursday in a purse coma.  I scoured the internet in hopes of finding something that would tickle my fancy.  I found lots of sweet cuddly lovely leather darlin's to fit the bill.  The only problem?  I don't want to spend a fortune.

Everybody knows a purse needs to look expensive but cost peanuts, right?  Unless, you're loaded!  Which I'm not…

Here's a few that I think anyone could fill with a ton of junk and dump in the floorboard of their car.  What?  You don't do that?  Weird.


Ivanka Trump Rebecca Satchel

I love the size and the shape.  Clearly it'll hold a bunch of important items and the price isn't horrible, $104.99  I'm not impressed that it's a fake leather.  But hey, someone else might not care.


Coach Soft Borough Bag Napa Leather

Here's the twinny to Ivanka's cheapo for all you Coach fans.  It's gorgeous!  I bet it feels like buttah!  Buttah the price?  A little squeezey in the pocket at $374.99  but hey, good news….it's regularly $468! 


Born Montesano Crossbody

I love this crossbody!  It's the perfect size for shopping.  You might be picking up on a trend, I'm in the market for a classic dark leather.  This is a great price for the quality of the bag too.  This is one of my favorite shoe brands so the purse has to be awesome, right?  $119.99


Dooney & Bourke Florentine Vachetta Satchel

Here's the one I'm calling Baby!  Because this baby needs me to love and care for it…for the rest of it's very long life!  If you've ever owned a Dooney then you know, they live forever!  It's a lot of dollhairs!! WORTH IT!!!  Promise!  $398

dooney shopper

Florentine Tulip Shopper (Dooney & Bourke)

This roomy and classy shopper tote is on sale.  Again, it's way out of the $15 range of purses but if you're one of those gals who believes a good purse pays for itself (I'm a believer) then this might be the perfect bag!  $261.00

frye bag

Frye Artisan Pocket Tote

Oh me oh my!  I do love Frye!!  This is a huge bag and if it's like the boots, it's a beast of a purse!  Costly, I warn ya…$314.99  It is so pretty!!

Ok, I'll end with the big kahuna of bags.  If money were no object, and it is for me so the answer is BIG FAT NO!  But this bag is perfection!  It is gorgeous!


Burberry "Medium Banner" House Check Leather Tote

A whopping $1395.00  

Whew, that's a lotta dough…Joe!  I can't even think of spending that kind of money on a purse.  Perhaps if I were making some money….instead of costing my hubby all the time.  Thanks babe, you never mind supporting me and all my habits!

Purses are personal, much like underwear.  Not everyone likes granny panties or boy boxers but most everybody uses both (purses & undies) and no matter what you like or how tiny your budget is….don't be afraid to try a new style.  Or spend a few bucks on something a little more expensive.

Stay tuned, next week….I'll focus on accessories and more for a Fashion Friday post.

Happy weekend!

DISCLAIMER:  I don't need a new purse!  I want one!  I need a treadmill!  I could always run on it while LOOKING at purses, right?

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