You’re As Cold As Ice

It's Moanday, I mean Monday….and I have to work!  I have zero right to complain though.  For the entire month of January….I'm only working 2 days.  To top it off, the weather is horrible so I'm actually on a 2hr delay!

It is rough being a substitute who works when she darn well pleases!

Let me tell you though….the weather has been none too kind to my area of Indy.  We have been blanketed with a huge snow storm that hasn't melted and last night we got lucky and the sleet and ice pelted us.  So if there's any danger in Indiana, it is located right where I live and drive.

My drive to work today….will be dicey!

Again, I'm leaving for sunny warm Texas in 2 days….so I can take it a few more in the snow and ice!

This weekend was special.  We had NOTHING pressing us like we normally do and instead of laying around on the couch, we jetted off for a triple dinner date with our girls and their fellas!  That's how I like to spend my weekends.

With the people I love.


I hope your weekend was just as awesome!  Happy Monday, wherever you are!

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