What a Girl Wants

I remember being a young, full of life, invincible, know-it-all girl.  Nothing or no one could stop me from doing exactly what I wanted.  I thought I was smart.  I convinced myself that I knew just what was best for me.  When someone older than me gave advice…..I laughed at the absurdity and the old out of time knowledge.

I was brilliant.

Only the truth was —  that I was foolish and wreckless.  My mistakes would be around a long time (try infinity) and my naive thinking would land me with a heart full of regret!

For me, God had a great redemption plan.  Before I could totally destroy my life he would recover me and restore me and put me on the path to victory.  For all intended purposes, I managed to pull myself together and CHOOSE the best future for myself.  But make no mistake, it wasn't of my own doing….IT WAS GOD'S! 

I was saved from a life of misery but not without some deep forever bruises.

I'm 48 years old now.  I see youth in a much more mature light (funny how that works).  Sadly, I'm surrounded with young friends who are living for the moment and suffering the consequences every single day.  Yet, for most of them….they're not learning any real life lessons.  Just blame or revenge or denial that they've played any part in their big mess ups!  Every day on Facebook I read heartbreaking posts from jilted girls or miserable single mothers having issues with ex-boyfriends and I just want to cry.  Don't think I'm just picking on promiscuous chicks here either.  Guys are breaking a lot of rules here too.  Afterall, somebody's getting these girls pregnant and or living out of wedlock with them.  They own just as much of the problem here as the girls.  However, my heart is really concerned for the young women who give themselves away with no thought in the world.

I have news for you and I'm very sorry to say…..


See, what you're ignoring or purposefully choosing not to see is that your actions have consequences and very very often….those consequences are GIGANTIC!  What probably started out as a little bit of fun turns very serious and extremely life-changing without so much as a text later.

But don't let me lead you to believe that ONLY PREGNANCY is your biggest issue to fear.  Your very heart is at stake!  Your willingness to cheat (what scripture says is the perfect plan for you) and do whatever you want with whomever you want will haunt you for life.  It will go with you, every day for the rest of your long life.  You will take every lover, every party, every big mistake right into your marriage.  It will always hang over you.

Tell me, why?  Why would you be willing to give up your future joy and peace for a fun romp with a cute guy?  If I asked, many of you would even tell me….it wasn't even that fun of a romp (for you).

One thing you can count on…..

The guy who values you, the one who will treasure you….the one who will die trying to protect and save YOUR HONOR wouldn't ask you to be his booty call or to move in together.  No, that's another guy — he's the guy doesn't give a rip.  He doesn't have the slightest bit of concern over your heart or your value as a woman and he certainly doesn't have the courage or integrity to be the father of your children.

Listen, if you are someone who's choosing to live in the moment and letting the chips fall where they fall.  BEWARE!  You are harming yourself in a very big way.  Every time you give up a little more of yourself…..you crush a special piece of your future and of the relationship you will (hopefully) one day have with your spouse.

Stop and think about what you really want.  It's probably not a broken heart for you or your future hubby!


Good things whisper. … bad things shout!

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