Those Who Serve

This weekend we planned our entire free time around watching the newly released American Sniper movie.  My hubby read Chris Kyle's book way back when it was first released.  He was so moved by the story that he would stop and share with me some of the most incredible parts.  The reality of what our military do on a daily basis can be a little overwhelming.  Chris Kyle's job, even more so.

Chris Kyle was an American sniper.  He trained to be a Navy Seal that specialized in the job of sharp shooter.  His skills went above the norm as he was known among all servicemen as The Legend.  He never set out to be a superstar among his fellow military….but he clearly became one.  The job of sniper comes with a heavy price.

chris kyle

When news of the movie release came along, hubby asked if I wanted to read it together (we listen on audio in the car) before we went to see it in theatres!  Our trip to Texas was the perfect time to hear it together and be ready for the weekend opening.

We headed into Paris to eat dinner and buy our tickets…..we were there about an hour early and all the showings were already sold out.  Did I mention, we're in TEXAS?  Chris Kyle's home state?  Everybody in this state must have spent this weekend seeing it.  We went back the next day (EARLY again) and pre-bought our tickets and sat in a packed theatre waiting to see one of the greatest movies ever played on the big screen.

I won't pretend it was easy to watch.  Knowing how Chris Kyle's life was taken in such a pathetic and evil way…..sticks with you throughout the movie.  It's difficult to comprehend such a thing could happen after the constant danger he lived through while serving 4 different tours of duty.

chris kyle funeral

I feel honored that men like Chris Kyle do what they do (for me and for you).  It's an ugly way of serving our country and it reminds me how little many who live freely in America respect the men & women who do it with such generosity.  Since watching the movie on Saturday…..I've read several disgusting articles from celebs and the like speaking out against Chris Kyle and other military people negatively.  It's the lowest form of disrespect (to me).  What these service-minded people do for our country (for such pathetic pay and of course no glory) cannot even be talked about in the same light as the immoral garbage spewed out by these rich hateful big mouths.  It's appalling!

A lesson for each of us whether we agree with war or not would be to show respect to those who give their very lives for our freedom to feel that way.  No other job can compare to what these giving people do.  It's a shame and embarrassment to see people of status humiliate and degrade true servants!

Perhaps the sell-out showings and the 90.2 million earnings from this weekend's opening of the movie will be just the RESPECT that our military deserve!  GO SEE IT!  But… more than that, don't miss a chance to lift up and support those in uniform!



Thank you for the ones courageous enough to protect and serve our country.  Protect them and give their families peace knowing what they do….is the greatest sacrifice.


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