My hubby and I are on a wild trip right now that we've known about for weeks!  It was KILLING US not to blab our big mouths!!  It's been over 3 years since we last hugged and gabbed with family (hubby's parents & bro) in person.  Since time is a vapor and none of us are getting any younger…..I decided to snoop around online and find tickets to take us out to Washington state for the visit of a lifetime!

The trip was planned in the mix with our Texas work trip.  It ended up being perfect timing and economically do-able.  We rented a suburban to get us from Seattle to the other side of the mountains and had our big sneak up planned — trust me, we worried our surprise might be a little too shocking.  However, we pulled up around 8:15pm (dark thirty in Wenatchee Wa) and started up the driveway only to see a Poppy head pop up from the outside staircase looking right at us.  He couldn't quite see WHO IT WAS until we got right up to him and he quickly turned and started down the stairs to tell Nana, "HONEY, WE HAVE COMPANY!".



We barreled down the stairs behind him, giggling and excited… see Nana with her feet up on the sofa and rushed her with hugs and screams.  She blinked her eyes and had to do a little brain checking to make sure she was seeing what she was actually seeing.  And then….

…..all our tears and excitement started flowing!

They couldn't believe we were there standing in their living room and we couldn't either!  It was truly the trip of a lifetime.

That was Wednesday night of this week (Jan 21st) and we are going to cram as much love and fun into this week together as we can.  We fly back out from Seattle (the 28th) to Texas.


Why we did it?

Time doesn't wait and family is the heart from which all love flows.  Our busy lives have kept us locked into way too many years apart.  The distance from Washington to Indiana is a big one and never has there been enough time or dollars to make a big visit happen.  After talking it over, we decided that making time and spending the money was more than worth it!  God certainly played a big part too.  Without the many ways he has blessed us (jobs, financially….perfect timing) we wouldn't be here today.

Thank you, Lord.

So, what is stopping you from doing something really important to you during this season of your life?  In my wiser days of life, I'm learning to do what it takes to make it happen.  There's no reason to sit on dreams and wish them to come true.  Each of us have the power to just GO FOR IT!

PS.- Washington is beautiful!


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