Sinus Infection Gone Fluey


It's easy to see why my hubby's family love living in Washington state.  The scenery, no matter the direction is stunning.  I took the above photo from the back of the suburban with my head pounding, one eye pouring and tissues stuffed up my nose.

Yea, I've been awesome to have around this week.

I really should have just been put down on Wednesday instead of allowed to hop a long plane ride.  I'm almost positive, I have single-handedly infected a large number of innocent humans all in the name of — "I HAVE A SINUS INFECTION!".

In my defense……

It all started out as a little sinus infection.  I woke up during the night (Tuesday/Wednesday) feeling horrible.  I took a sinus pill before bedtime but after trying everything to fall back asleep, I knew my trip to Washington was going to be a challenge.  I felt miserable the whole drive into Dallas.  The misery took on a whole new level of horrible once the plane took off and by the time I was high in the sky…..I imagined every kind of scenario of climbing out on a wing and just letting go!  Forevs!

The very kind man sitting next to me (Father, forgive me for those I have spread my death sentence) sweetly offered me the first of many Mucinex pills I would take on the trip of a lifetime.  For brief moments, my head would stop pouring snot and water but the pressure and ache continued to gain momentum.  I literally hurt all over my body.  My skin……oh my skin!!!  It pretty much felt as though it was working its way OFF OF MY BODY!

Crawling skin.  Not good.

My face, hurt.  The skin on my face, hurt.  I don't believe there was a nerve anywhere on my body that didn't have a zinging feeling.  Jumping off the wing of the plane would have been a welcome relief.  Especially when my head was full of pressure and my chest was starting to jump in on all the sick fun.  I guess you could say, it's been a full-on all over body sick experience.

…..and it was just getting started!

By the time we landed and the Lord let me live to see Seattle, I was seriously thinking about checking in to a hospital.  However, the excitement of what we were doing was leading my brain so we hopped a taxi and raced to the car rental place.  We still had a big drive over/through/around the mountains to sneak up on our victims family. 

What's a little runny nose in the grand scheme of BLOWING YOUR FAMILY'S MINDS?  Right?

I wish I could say that the sniffles and aches went away but they didn't.  Even with all the different meds, I struggled to live and enjoy (no, I'm not overreacting) all the fun and fellowship of being with our family.  Everywhere we've gone…..I've moaned and groaned reminding my crew what a miserable sick person can do to a fun outing!

Trip wrecked!

That sinus infection must have been toting a little more oomph than I let myself believe (I thought I had something serious) because my poor mother-in-law woke up feeling the curse of death yesterday and spent all of Sunday begging for relief too!  So, there you go.  I didn't just have some sinus infection.

You're welcome world.  I am here to spread my death cooties all across the USA. 

Oh and if you're wondering, NO, I AM NOT BETTER!  My head is still pounding and full of pressure, my sinus/ears/chest are still congested and I feel like I've ran a marathon.  Breathing is a gift.  Its also been almost a full week of the symptoms too. Who knew such a monster existed? 

look for him


I'm thankful for so much….even in the midst of feeling so crummy.  You are worthy of all glory and honor.  Thank you for time with family.


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