Airport Connection

I have a thing about personal space.  I like it, a lot.  I can't even go grocery shopping on the weekends because (I feel like) people are crawling all over me and it is just TOO MUCH for my comfort zone.  It's a real thing, y'all.  Don't misunderstand, I like people.  Matter of fact, I love them for the most part.  It's crowds that get me.  It stresses me out!

Now you think I'm weird, right?

While waiting for our flight back to Dallas yesterday, I found the perfect seat in the gate area.  It was right on the end, facing the way I wanted to look and right behind my hubby (cutest buns ever) who was standing at the computer bar.  He was working and making phone calls while plugged in to the charging station there.  I decided to run grab a few bottled drinks before we boarded our flight and left my suitcase there at my seat (you know, so I could come back and sit there!).  Once I returned, a giant man was sitting in my spot and my suitcase was pushed over by hubby.  I was instantly aggravated.  Not only did he take my spot….his "wife" had hogged up all the space beside my hubby at the bar.  Who are these people??

Ever get anxious over something and let it bother you to the point of embarrassment?

I didn't do anything crazy, I mean….. who gets jerky over losing their seat at the airport?  Right?  What is wrong with me?  So, I plopped down a few seats over and let jerky thoughts run through my wacked out mind.  (listen, this is totally a case of "heart issues")  Then, the wife comes over to where I am and ASKS ME IF I COULD MOVE MY PURSE!!!  The nerve!  She just wanted me to move my stuff, she didn't even sit down.  She was simply claiming territory just in case.

There.  They were terrorist.  I knew it!  Seat stealing was just their cover crime.

I hopped up (all offended IN MY HEART cause I'm mature like that) and scooted up to the bar beside my hubby.  I pulled out my phone like I was SO BUSY and logged onto Facebook so I could martyr-like post about my love language being PERSONAL SPACE (I swear, I hate me too, y'all).  While I was standing there in all my self-righteousness a pretty lady was working on the opposite side of the bar.  She looked up at me, smiled (I kid you not, I thought I saw a twinkle in her eyes) and I instantly regretted feeling annoyed at the "innocent" people who stole my seat kingdom.

She and I glanced at one another a few times over the rest of the waiting to board time and I felt something strange inside.  The attendant began calling for boarders, we all stood up in a crowd and started pushing forward to load the plane.  The lady across the bar walked right up beside me, I glanced over at her…..and knew she was someone God had stamped on my heart long before standing in a Seattle airport.  I told her she looked familiar and asked her name…..but I knew, before she even answered that she was going to say Georgia.

Over 5 years ago, God led me to Georgia.  She lives in Texas, I live in Indiana but our hearts were linked together when I read her plea for prayer.  Her beautiful daughter Rachel had passed away and she was buried under the grief and confusion.  I sent her thoughts & prayers online.  I watched for every word she wrote just to see that she was okay.  I thought about her constantly and I begged God to heal her broken heart.  I even blogged about her. 

Listen, I'm a product of God's grace and I recognize how little I deserve it (more than anyone, I promise) yet HE CONTINUES to blow my mind & heart, every day!  But seriously!!!!?  A beautiful grieving mama, who lives in Texas, while I'm standing in an airport in SEATTLE, that I have bathed in prayer & thoughts a hundred times?


We hugged, tears fell…..hearts connected, right there in the boarding line on a flight to Dallas, Texas.  All while my hubby stood alongside smiling.  He's never surprised at how God works in our lives.  As she walked on ahead of us to board, I looked at him and said, "Why?  Why does God do me like this?".  He just laughed.

After our long flight back, she waited…so we could snap a pic.  Thank you, Georgia!  My heart may never get over the sweetness of meeting you (in person).


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