Fashion Friday – Super Bowl Edition

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 Seattle was all abuzz with SUPERBOWL awesomeness.  You couldn't look left or right without seeing a Seahawks banner or a #12 hanging loud & proud on buildings.  I really don't blame them.  If my Colts were playing…..I'd represent too because I LOOOOOOOVE FOOTBALL and when your team is on top, you celebrate!!!

I know this is cutting it close, but I believe all events should be honored with an appropriate outfit.   Including the Superbowl!  Just because it's a football game doesn't mean you have to look like a frump frump. Besides, the SEAHAWKS are set to win and everything I've chosen is geared towards the team that doesn't deflate footballs or have a quarterback that wears Uggs (no, I'm not being judgemental).


Tom Brady and his cheater cheater punkin eaters CANNOT WIN!  It's just gotta be, y'all.  Alright, maybe I'm holding a tiny grudge.  The Colts and Pats have a thing.  It's war.  They must be stopped and if the Colts couldn't do it……PLEASE let it be the Seahawks this Sunday night!

Ok, Let's look at clothes…


Amazon Seahawks Soft Tee

I love how fast Amazon delivers (for Prime).  You could order this baby and have it by game day!  $31.50

seahawk scarf

I Love Seahawks Pashmina Scarf

Check this out!  I love scarves & really love the soft feel of Pashmina!  This one is over on Amazon as well and costs $23.99 with Free shipping!  Love it!

football boots

Fringe Booties

Look at these!  Perfect for a sassy little legging with an over-sized sweater (in all your fave team colors, of course).  Think:  Get the booties and then make an outfit!  Hehe!   On sale $39

SPANX Ready to wear Leggings

Speaking of leggings….GUYS, THESE ARE A REAL THING!  Can you imagine?  On sale at Nordy's right now for $65.66  These jokers are usually $98 and up.  I found them at a Dillards in Little Rock, Arkansas a few weeks ago.  I really wanted to buy some but they were not at that price!

Sorry, can't get the pic to load.

sea green piko top

Dark Green Piko Top

See where I'm going with this?  I'm pretty much helping you pick out an outfit, guys!  It doesn't have to have team names on it to look cute.  Right?  This looks so comfy for $25 DOLLARS!!

seahawks plaid

Plaid Belt Dress

Not everyone is going to be lounging at home, right?  So, here's a cute blue & green plaid dress for the "younger" football fans.  I love it!  $33.99

sea bracelet

Royal Bow Bracelet

At $9.99 these bow bracelets could be yours in a color of your choice.  I'd pick green in honor of the team that WILL BEAT the Pats!

seahawk tee

Nike Seattle Tee

Macy's has a cool 20% off code right now.  Just use WKND when checking out and this little t-shirt could be yours.  It's currently $34 (not discounted)

Look, I know how it is on game days.  Comfy clothes are the way to go.  I mean, STRETCHY pants are a must.  All the dips, cheese sauces and wings?  Need room to roam.  Nobody wants to suffer in pain all stuffed into tight clothes.  So, I'll end with these sweet babies –>

sea pjs

Pink Victoria's Sweats

These are at Amazon!!  Get them while you can.  If you're ready to commit to the Seahawks, that is.  $29.95  But honestly, you can spill cheese on these just as easily as anything else, right?

I hope you enjoy this weekend.  The commercials are always a highlight and Katy Perry "SAYS" she's got a crazy good show planned.  Let's hope everyone stays clothed and no family's eyes require a flash from the Men in Black!  Know what I mean?

May the Seahawks beat the air right out of those Patriots!  Alright, I am a little bitter.



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