Good News Monday

Why should the day after the Super Bowl be a total bummer?  Just because the Seattle Seahawks quarterback threw the ball in the last 20 seconds to a zealous Patriot in the endzone for the interception doesn't mean we have to KEEP PLAYING THE TOMFOOLERY over & over in our heads!

We can move on!  Right?

I say, let's focus on what's good in the world today.  There's always, always, always….something to be thankful for!

Here in Texas…'s CHRIS KYLE DAY!  Governor Greg Abbott claimed February 2nd officially the day Texans would commemorate his passing and honor him for his brave service to the USA.  More than a million Texans have served our country and it's time to show them the honor and respect they deserve for answering the call to serve each American.  God bless the families of each service member who sacrifice for you & me!

chris k honor

A true American hero – Chris Kyle

chris k day

How about some really awesome news regarding COFFEE & CHIC-FIL-A?  Yep, a freebie that will bless your socks off & rev your engine all at the same time!  Chic-Fil-A is offering (for the whole month of February) a free small coffee or a medium iced-coffee NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!  Did you hear me?  All month long, free!  Woohoo!


Sonic is offering 1/2 price foot-long hotdogs today in honor of Groundhog Day.  I know you want to celebrate more winter with a good old hotdog, so here you go!  Don't tell me you hate hotdogs because that's just not right.

sonic dogas

It's FREEBIE DVD day from Redbox TODAY ONLY.  I'm not positive that the code works since I'm out in the middle of a cow pasture right now but it's worth the shot if you're near a rental box.


McDonald's blew fans away last night with it's sweet commercial during the Super Bowl.  I mean….who doesn't want to pay for fast food with lovin?  Right?  Here are the rules.  It could be a total treat to be the lucky winner of a free meal, don't you think?  I love McDonald's!


Look at these Meca Vinyl Decals!  So many to choose from for just over a dollar.  Amazon, you blow my mind…dude!


This one is $1.99 with free shipping.  Go check out the selection.  You might find something to jazz up a room in your house!

I'm in love with these softy florally scarves and at this price….whoa!  A scarf lover could afford to get several colors.  So pretty!


I can't pass by these adorable owl clutch purses.  I love this red one.  For $2.10 with free shipping….I might order 2!


I'm not the only one suffering with cracked heels, I know!  I think I need a pair of these.

heel socks

Speaking of cracked skin…..have you ever tried this stuff?  It is amazing!


It's $6.98 shipped from Amazon today.

Okay, this is my last goodie on sale to show you but I love these so much and they are only $9.99 right now.  If you're a Sassy Steals member you can order your own monogram!


Now, how's that for good news on this cold Monday/Groundhog day?  On Friday, I'll be posting some favorite ideas for Valentine's Day.  Stay tuned.  Until then, stay warm!


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