Hug It Out

I just heard on tv that every human NEEDS 6-8 hugs per day to maintain a healthy emotional balance. 




I love hugging!  It's one of my favorite ways to show love to my people.  Even those of you who get a little weirded out by hugs, if you just go with it….you'll feel better.  I promise!


Admit it, hugs do something to your heart.  They boost your attitude and fill you with joy.  You can't help but smile after someone gives you a hug.

Hugs do more than just make you smile….they connect you with another human being.  Hugs say, "You are important!"  and "You are special!".  They also help us to know everything is going to be okay.


I never want to make someone feel awkward when I give them a hug.  I always try to be respectful of their personal space (cause, you know….I am a lover of PS).  However, if I love you….I'm going to eventually hug you.  Deal with it, Betsy! cheeky

So, for my hubby and kids….. I have to hug you.  It's for your mental & emotional well-being.  Your soul needs it and SO DOES MINE!!!

Have you had your 6-8 hugs today?

PS- Even McDonald's is onto the hug thing!

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