Coyote Pass Cafe

My hubby and I have been home (well, home in Texas home) a little over a week now.  It's turned C O L D here which reminds me of the chilly but beautiful days spent in Washington this month.  During our week there with family….we did a great amount of eating out.  I believe the only time we ate at home was breakfast and a few meals of soup, hamburgers and salmon (that was a great meal, Nana).  Most of the time, we were out on adventures and part of the fun was eating somewhere new.

Don't you love vacation?

Out of all the meals, I have a favorite.  It wasn't planned or even considered a thing we just "happened" upon it at eating time and I'm convinced, that's when the magic happens!  When you least expect it!  We started out the day climbing our way up Badger Mountain Road.  We were searching out the best views (we did that daily) on our way up to Waterville, Washington.  Honestly, the best way for me to describe it….is we were in the middle of nowhere.  It seemed like no one could possibly live anywhere up in that area (they do, I promise) or like we were going to a big NO WHERE!  Just mountains, climbing higher and higher.


Washington is one of the most incredible places I've ever visited.  The whole state is gorgeous and it's beauty just goes on and on.  I'm so glad I visited!

We reached the little sleepy town of Waterville and my thoughts of WHO LIVES HERE and WHAT DO THEY DO? only grew bigger.  It's a true small town that's up on the high plains of about 2622 feet elevation.  What's going on up there?  That's what I kept thinking.


I'm all about facts, people!  Facts.

It was well after lunch time but our stomachs were certain that we had to find food immediately.  You won't find fast food stops in Waterville.  You won't even find a big grocery store.  You will find a quaint little town full of charm and loaded with Washington beauty.  We drove down the main street and stumbled upon the OPEN sign of the Coyote Pass Cafe.

Never ones to pass up a "Cafe" we decided to give it a shot without even looking around for another choice.  Charm will lure you in (if you're me, anyway) and this was one of those times that it turned out to be the best decision all week!


Lucky for us, the lunch crowd was all gone.  So, we sort of had the run of the place which was so danged adorable inside.  I instantly thought of my girl's who love quaint and charming as much as I do.  I wished they were there to join us.  The place was perfect and we hadn't even ordered any food.  The special of the day menu was loaded with yummy choices but when I saw FISH TACOS my mind was set.  However, they were serving a cabbage soup …. and after tasting a little sampling, I ordered a bowl to go with my huge plate of tacos.


I may have crossed the weirdo line when I asked Eyvonne (the amazing chef who hails from Vermont) if it was TOO SOON to call her Mama!  Seriously!  The soup!  The soup was so stinking delicious I immediately started feeling regret that I had to fly back home and never have another bowl of it again.  My brain, it works in strange ways.  The flavor, texture and all the kickin' ingredients were just right.  It almost tasted like my favorite SWAMP CABBAGE from way back home in the deep deep south.

Swamp cabbage is a delicacy to the southern bumpkin palate!


No, I'm not ashamed of all I ordered.  Wait til you hear about dessert!


Somehow, Eyvonne managed to blow my very picky tastebuds with every bite of every single item I ordered.  My hubby, who is spoiled to good meals loved his Asian BBQ Shortribs with sweet-n-sour sauce.  He ate his whole plate and ordered dessert.  Oh dessert!  What a dream come true!  I say unashamedly that I eat all my meals with the hope and dreams of a scrumptious dessert.  It's my favorite way to end all meals.  Eyvonne makes a butterscotch pie that will blow your mind.  The rich creamy filling was so hearty and thick just chewing each bite took work and the size of the serving was huge!  My father-in-law who loves Coconut cake had all his dreams come true with his own giant slice of heaven in the form of a coconut pineapple cake.  I'm still thinking about this meal.

I don't know who eats there regularly but I can assure you….I'd be climbing that mountain road on a regular basis if I lived in Washington.  The food was unbelievably delicious.  Oh, I almost forgot to mention they also have a crazy awesome coffee shop area too.  I didn't get a coffee (my hubby did and he said it was one of the best cups of Joe he's ever had) but I did order an Italian soda that rocked my socks!


I told you, I ordered so much stuff….  not ashamed!

Thank you Eyvonne!  Our meal turned out to be the favorite of our whole trip to Washington.  I feel it's only right that I shout it from (my own little mountaintop/blog) for the world to know.  Coyote Pass Cafe is my favorite restaurant in Washington state!  Boom!



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