Fashion Friday – Valentines Edition

Valentines Edition

Oh month of love, how you confound me.  I'm all about celebrating for just about every reason.  But do we honestly need February 14th to remind us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER?  I suppose it's more about romance and I understand many relationships are floundering around rather void of RED HOT passion.  So, there you go Valentine's Day….DO. YOUR. THING.

Meanwhile, back at the celebration farm.  How about some sweet FASHION shopping deals?  I've shopped here and there searching for items that would make even the toughest heart swoon.   Maybe you'll find something you like today.  If you do, let me know!

Claddagh Charm 14k gold


Jewelry certainly fires up some fashion passion.  If you're a good Irish girl and love Claddagh jewelry this charm is a sure winner.  It's on sale for $84.99 HERE.  Obiously, this charm could act as a whole "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" thing….someone might need a chain to hold it etc. So, I'm sorry not sorry..y'all.  Fight it out amongst ya!

** Not sure what the Claddagh symbol is all about?  Go HERE. **

H & M does my heart good with this sweet sweatshirt for $5 dollars!  It's on the clearance rack.  Perfect for V-Day!

heart shirt

Or if money is no biggie and you're a Nordstrom kind of girl….this sweatshirt is a little more blingy (I like blingy) and wee more costly.  I love it, but I think I'll leave it for someone else at $98.

hearty nordy

Maybe you do, maybe you don't…but if you want to look super cute on the commercial day of L O V E – this pretty in pink puffy vest is adorable.   You can pair it with your fave jeans and a warm long-sleeved shirt and look like a hotty toddy!  It's North Face, so…you'll pay for it.  But, girl…you'll be sweet!

puffy pink vest

I have to share this because I got one for Christmas and gave both of my girls one too.  It has been one of my smartest purchases (at the insistance of my hubby) ever.  They have other colors but since we're talking Valentines Day deals…I'm showing you the ones we bought.  Pink is $99.00 and sold out.  This thing is so powerful that it literally charges my phone & other devices in record fast time.  As in, faster than a plug in the dang wall faster!  Get one!  ZILU Smart Power Charger  

I heart you charger machine!


I'm mad about Pink Peonies and these silk beauties are only $6.59 a bunch from Amazon.  I believe I have just the place to stick a few of these ALL OVER MY HOUSE.  I love them!


Okay okay, I realize this is supposed to be ALL ABOUT Valentines Day….but look at how useful this would be.  I mean, really.  I have to have this.  My drawers are a mess.  I think it's real LOVEly to have a spot for all your underwear.  Talk about organized!   This would FORCE me to throw out a ton of old stuff I never wear.  Only $10.99 for 4 organizers!

pink undies savers

Gosh, I love this pink sweater jacket.  The inside is furry while the outside is so shabby chic and soft.  Love the details and that it's a one-size fits style too!  $35.16 with free shipping.

pink sweater

Just one more fancy piece of jewelry, I promise.  This is so feminine and I love it!  For $16.99 you could use it all year long.  Right?

pink neckl

So much pink.  I apologize to all my red loving friends.  Most of my items come in a variety of colors.  Don't discount anything based on my color choice.  You might find something to tickle your fancy.  Just remember, it's all about the LOVE anyway!

fire of love

Happy Friday!

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