Break In, Kid

I'm finally back in the land of snow and ice.  On Friday, my hubby and I packed up his tiny little munchkin car and started for HOME!  It was a long month away so we were really anticipating getting back into our own bed and wandering around in our own house.  Even if it's 20 something degrees outside.

About 76 hours into the trip, okay…it was maybe 8 hours, we received a phone call from our son asking us if we had changed the code on our garage door?  Uhm, nope!  Then he told us his friend was there trying to get in and couldn't because the garage would NOT open up with our normal password.  I pulled up the security camera and could see someone was stomping around in our snowy driveway and on our porch but I couldn't see the human doing it.  I watch, then a few minutes later…I see the persons car leave.

A little bit later another phone call.  This one from our youngest punk (Gates) and she is asking about the garage door.  Aha!  It's all making sense now.  Our baby has come to our house to wait for us to return home and wanted to surprise us, only she CAN'T GET IN!

Something is terribly wrong with our garage door.

So, there we are….over 3+ hours away and our little girl baby child infant college punk is standing out in the snowy icy OUTSIDE of our scary house ( the sun was going going gone) and can't get in.  As in, the doors may never open ever ever again!

Perhaps a bit dramatic, I realize…but if it were your kid —– work with me, y'all!

Panic started to set in right in the middle of my shoulders.  I tensed up and I could not stand watching the video of my girl trying to get inside my warm house while I was barreling down the long interstate in Illinois somewhere!  It was killing me.  At one point, my hubby even considered having her throw a brick through a window.  Thankfully, she couldn't get any of our 3 backyard gates to open or this story might include an awesome paragraph about our replacing a window during the winter of 2015!!

We pushed that little muchkin wagon to the floor and hauled it….even faster than we were already rolling.

Finally, after trying every trick in the book to break into our house…I threw out a plea for help on Facebook in my neighborhood.  Soon everyone was chiming in with advice and tips to handle the situation.  My new neighbor and friend, Courtney (LOVE THIS LADY) offered her own house for Gates to hang out in until we arrived in late that night.  It was warm, it was available and it was right across the street.

Look at that face.  How could I NOT get all in a tizzy?

I can't tell you how amazing that offer felt!  Our poor McGateser (McGyver) had reached a level of frustration and we could not get there any faster, so a warm safe place to hang out….was just what she needed!

We made it home about 11:30pm and she was perfectly safe.  Our garage door opener did it's thing and opened the door as if nothing was ever wrong.  Hubby had to shovel snow for 20 minutes before we could even get in our driveway and unload the car.  But, she was there to greet us (YAY) and we were all happy to be in our own warm house!

The garage door problem?  Who knows!  Something may have been reset because on that same wall our security camera for the driveway was out too.  All I know is if you are interested in breaking in my house….keep on going.  YOU WILL NOT GET IN!  Unless, you throw a brick and if you do that….I will be posting your snapshot pic all over the internet!  So, don't do it…dudes!

Happy to be home!  Now, I'm off to work a half day.  Oh the trudgery!


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