Girl Word Power

Of all the places to find WORDS OF AFFIRMATION…..the girls bathroom of a public high school doesn't seem very likely, does it?

girl power

My heart swelled with pride when I ran in to do my business yesterday and saw the mirrors covered with love from girls to other girls.


At first, I just thought it was the kindness of a few girls playing around.  Later in the day,  realized this was done in all the girls bathrooms and was an intentional decision to build up their fellow gal pals!  Now that's girl power!


Too many of us are striving for all the wrong things.  It's not just high school girls who tear each other up and step on the weak in our world.  Grown women push their way to the top by stepping on the ladies around them all the time (whether it be with snarky looks, flaunting successes or sarcasm).  I won't accept that as normal any longer.  Will you?


So, for the girls and women who reach out and lift up their fellow ladies……WOW to you!  You, are just what our world needs more of.  Confident balcony girls!

What can you do, right now, today that will build up a friend or even a stranger?

GO DO IT!  Powergirl!

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