Killing Christians

I suppose since our President believes that what ISIS does to Christians is equivalent to what happened over 1000 years ago during the Crusades and the Inquisition, this latest news of the 21 Coptic Christian beheadings is another NO BIG DEAL!

killing christians

I mean, anyone who foolishly admits to the world that WE ARE ON SOME SORT OF HIGH HORSE if we think this wicked violence is exclusive to Islam is a man to be feared.  His blatant disregard for the severity of these crimes is beyond embarrassing and even more infuriating!  I'm sickened by his ignorance and appalled at the many who continue to blindly follow such a misguided human.

While I will agree, people do horrible acts and often throw out the name of Christ.  A true person of the Christian faith will emulate Jesus and by doing so will NOT murder in His name, as the Muslim jihadist's do.  These Islamic terrorists must be stopped!

isis exec

These men were loved by someone, they remained true to the faith of Jesus Christ even in the midst of serious persecution.  Today, my heart is broken by the atrocities of a world gone mad.  For many of us, this event seems so far away.

But, is it?

Lord Jesus,

You are Jehoveh-Jireh, the God who sees.  In YOUR HOLY NAME, we pray for the families of these martyred men.  Your love is never-ending, your grace is ever-flowing and your POWER is UNSTOPPABLE!  Reign down, Lord and move our country & President to do everything it takes to fight this evil.


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