Round 2 Flu

sick day

The only good thing I have going for me right now is that I don't have to call in to a job and whine about being sick…again!  The perks of being a stay-at-home layday!  No boss, no rules… cares!

The Washington trip a few weeks ago was probably the sickest I've been in a loooooooong time.  I felt so horrible, every single day of the trip and managed to leave every morsel of germ I could in order to share it with my family.  (Sorry, family)  I knew on Friday that I was in for it with another round of whatever this is and after 4 days…..I'm certain, my days are NUMBERED!

Head cold, sinus infection, pounding head-ache, aching body, glands swollen both sides of my neck and burning death sore throat.  Other than that, I'm good.  I'm hoping the cough that nearly broke all my ribs from round #1 doesn't rear its ugly head again.  So far, only little bits of coughing.



For those of you who care (and honestly, I don't blame you if you don't) I haven't washed my hair since last Thursday.  That would absolutely be a record for me, as I've never gone more than 3 days….ever!  Not only does my hair need washing, but my gray roots are about an inch long now and I can't even put on clothes to get to Sally's for hair coloring to touch-up the proof that I'm not 30-something!


sicko cooties

The long weekend wasn't a total waste due to my constant moaning and groaning.  What?  You know you're awesome when you're feeling sick like death.  I managed to brush my teeth and put on a Christmas shirt over some leggings and ride shotgun to Costco with my hubby where we found the gift that keeps on giving……a WAFFLE MAKER!!!  And, it was on SALE!  Thank you, Costco!


Life is worth living again!

For years, I have searched and wished for my very own waffle maker.  I know, my dreams are so lame.  I've not pulled the trigger on buying one because…..I am a snob in every way and I wanted the Cadillac of waffle makers or none at all.  Hence, why I haven't had one until now.  Amazon even has a little pop-up that constantly reminds me of my "shopping" high and low for the perfect waffle maker on a weekly basis.  Here's the deal with me, I like sales.  I like the best items at the lowest price even on my countertop clutter items.  Get it?


Don't hate me because I use fattening food makers to fuel my happiness, I'm sick!  Just look at it though….it makes 2 waffles at the same dang time!  Talk about JACKPOT!?!  I'm ready for a big family breakfast, well….when I can get dressed out of my germ riddled robe again.

Anyway…..I've tried to bounce back and I suppose all I can do is ride the waves of misery a little longer until my body decides whether it will survive or go on to glory.  So, on this freezing cold February day with gray roots galore and my right eye watering….I'll just stay inside warm and pathetic.

Enjoy your freedom, world.  Enjoy your good healthy bodies, people.  Enjoy feeling like tying your own shoes, jerks.  Okay, I'm sure you get the picture.  I need some GET WELL QUICK love!   Happy Fat Tuesday!



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