Did You Know….

Since I am a plethora of information on all things no things in my own twisted mind…..it's only fair that I share some of my KNOWLEDGE.  Don't you agree?


Did you know….

WOMEN, you should wash your bra after 3 wears?  That's right.  Wash that sucker after you've sweated in it 3 good times.  The other news in bra care?  Don't put them in the dryer.  Hang them up and they will last much longer.  Take care of your double-barrel slingshots ladies!!

Did you know…

There is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to take a shower?  I didn't!  Here's the simple steps:

1. Brush your hair before getting in the shower.  Detangling your hair is very important because wet hair is weak hair and it causes breakage.

2. Rinse your hair & body well before lathering up.  It opens up cuticles, loosens dirt & oil which paves the way for a clean wash.

3. Don't plop shampoo on top of your head.  Lather your hands first and go straight for the roots.  A thorough hair-washing should take about 30-60 seconds.  Focus mostly on your oily roots & avoid your delicate ends.  Pay extra attention to the nape of your neck and rinse rinse rinse!

4. Condition quickly and only focus on the ends of your hair.  Again, rinse very well.  Bacne is often caused by product that's leftover in your hair.  Eww!

5. Wash your body NOW….after you've shampooed and conditioned.  Use a good creamy body wash and get every nook & cranny.  Cleanliness is next to Godliness, ya know?

6. Shave.  Use a sharp razor and remember leaving it in the shower only shortens its lifespan (guilty). 

7. Now, wash your face.  All that shower steam has done wonders to open up your pores.  Use it to your advantage.

8. Dry off without scrubbing yourself dry.  Pat your skin with the towel and don't forget to lotion up right away.

Who knew showering correctly even existed?  Not me.

Did you know…

3 great ways to fight off THE FRIZZ with winter hair?

1.  Rinse with COLD water.  Uhh, yea…no thanks!

2.  Rub your hair with a dryer sheet.  It works, really!

3.  A tiny bit of lotion.  Rub lotion on your hands and tap it onto your hair.  Careful not to use too much.

Did you know…

Rubbing a small amount of COCONUT OIL under your eyes and on your sunspots or brown age spots will lessen wrinkles and lighten the pigment coloring?  It's true.  Just a few more amazing ways coconut oil is rocking our world, people.

Did you know…

how smart

Did you know…

A couple tablespoons of baking soda to cold water will remove residue and pesticides from your fruits and veggies.  Wash & enjoy!

Did you know…


Apples taste much better…..fresh in Washington?  Oh, they do.  Look at these juicy fellas!

Did you know…

KISSING boosts immunity, keeps facial muscles strong and releases endorphins that make you feel good?  YES, IT DOES!!  Go kiss up your hubby ladies!

Did you know…

Owning a dog can help fight depression?  It's true!  Some of the best breeds are: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Poodle, Pug, Golden Retriever & Labs.  These seem to be the most lovable and trainable.

Did you know…

You can make over $1000 cash in a month just by selling stuff you have laying around your house?  You can.  Stop holding onto stuff that you're not using and post it online now.  Check your local area for a Facebook group that hosts garage sale type items, post on Craigslist, ebay, Amazon (think: books) and more.  I've sold stuff just by posting on my personal Facebook page.  Seriously?  $1000.00 is a good way to save for a fun vacay!

Did you know…

Drinking warm lemon water aids in digestion, helps you lose weight and helps to purify and stimulate your liver?  Plus, lots more good things.  Choke it down!

Did you know…

Making a list and working from it helps you reduce STRESS?  Since I love lists……I'm up and at it with paper and pen, right now!

Did you know…


Yes!  Teachers are so danged smart!

Did you know…

Reading FICTION can make you sharper & kinder?  What?  NO WAY!  Really?  I read recently that fiction improves social perception and emotional intelligence.  I am blown away!  Guess I better up my fiction reading!  🙁

Did you know….


Which is a perfect way of describing me today since I'm still in my robe and have everything I need to color my gray roots!  Enough of this sharing my wisdom thing!  You're smart!  Get out there and be pro-active in making life better, would ya?

Happy half-way through the week, friends.  I have to work Thursday & Friday…..so, I am WILLING this wicked sickness to the curb.  Nobody likes a snotty-nosed substitute teacher, now, do they?


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