Fashion Friday – Relax Edition

Well, I really believed that I would "feel better tomorrow" for this entire week.  Every single day, this death illness has progressed into something a little more unbearable.  I am convinced that I have crossed over into the world of pneumonia at this point.  The congestion and the coughing (yea, that came back with an evil vengeance) have jumped to a whole new level of misery.  And yes, if you are wondering….I am a barrel of fun to be around right now.  So, leave.  Or stay.  There are no spreading of germs through blog reading but the whining and complaining might bring you down. 

However, I do have some ideas for taking it easy and relaxing that go very well with Fashion Friday.  I'm a professional, so you can trust me when I say…..every outfit a person wears can be cute.  Even the stuff we lounge around in, ok?  Let's get on it, shall we?

First off, the one thing that I always have in my hang around the house arsenal is a sweater.  This long and stretchy sucker is perfect to throw over a favorite t-shirt.  It's on sale at Kohl's right now for $25

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Juicy Courture Lurex French Terry Sweater

I'm probably the last person you'll see at Walmart wearing yoga pants or pj's but when I'm at home….that rule goes out the window.  I love being free from the tight binding pinch of REAL CLOTHES and anything stretchy works as clothes to me when I'm in the privacy of my own pad.  Plus, you never know when you're going to need to do some high kicks or stretches!  Right?

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For the Sally O'Malley in me, these will work just fine.  Again, Kohl's and they are on sale too for $30.80  –  Kohl's is also having a $10 off of $30 deal right now.  So, basically these babies are about $20.

Tek Gear Core Essentials Shapewear

Perhaps you are someone who can get away with wearing whatever and tights are your thing.  I'm a bit more self-conscience because of having the babies and all (what?  yes they're all young adults….but my body still thinks I just had them!)  These are really cool and a very trendy item to have when you want to look like you are a work-out machine.  A little pricey at $54 but they are Adidas and you pay when a quality company has their name on it.

blog 3

Adidas Ultimate ClimaLite Print tights

In case I have lead you astray with all that work-out wear let me reign you back in with the reality that most of the time I am wearing pj's when I am home.  The work-out clothes are just another option.  My first choice….is pj's!

blog 4

These Sonoma printed pajamas are the ultimate in comfy.  Plus, they are on sale!!  $16

Maybe you're super fancy and sweatpants are your thing.  I don't know.  These have a lot going for them; cute cut, stylish color and a bit trendy.  I don't like paying $79 for sweats but I could make an exception here.  Afterall, I'm looking for the most comfortable pant, right?

blog 5

Bench Utizize Sweatpant

There's one thing for certain, when I get home SLIPPERS are my #1 item to wear.  My family just feels weird walking around with bare naked feet.  Slippers are warm, comfortable and versatile.  If I need to walk outside with my dog, I can wear my slippers and still feel all gussied up.  Oh, come on!  You know slippers can act as shoes too!

blog 6

This is the FitFlop Cuddler slipper.  It costs a pretty penny but if you're like me and wear slips (that's what we call them in our fam) they're worth a little investment.  I can usually get a lot of life out of my slips.  So paying a little more works for me.  This pair is around $100 dollhairs.  NOTE:  I only buy them on sale!

SOCKS!!  I love socks!  I can't wear slips without them!  I usually wear fuzzy socks when I'm at home but not all the time.  I have discovered a great trick for wearing tight boots, shortie socks.  They keep your legs from feeling squeezed in all day and my boots never eat them either.  I buy mine from TJ Maxx of course.  But these are a great find at Amazon.

blog 7

Asics Cushion LowCuts at $7.99 for three pairs.

There, you get the idea.  I consider lounging around an art and all art is beautiful, right?  So, why not make your lounging attire look spiffy?!  I bet you have your own idea of what is comfy and you certainly don't need me meddling in your happy place.  Plus, I know not all loungewear looks pulled together and fancy.  I have my own mismatched favorites that I wear most of the time when I'm bumming around at home.  The idea is, be YOU!

Here's to a great weekend spent in comfy clothes!  CIAO, FASHIONISTAS!

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