Wednesday Re-cap of the Working Blues

Obviously, I struck a nerve for many yesterday when I posted about workplace blues.  I heard from several who were either in the midst of struggle, knew of struggle in the past or just wanted to pass it along to someone else struggling.  Thanks for the validation, friends & family (readers of this here blog)!  I don't think too hard about my blog topics unless you count scowering the internet for grand ideas that will BLOW YOUR MINDS too hard?!  Every now and then, I come across an idea that burns a hole in my heart and I just can't keep quiet.  Those tend to be some of my favorite posts and when you respond that it hit you between the eyes or zinged your heart…..

I am beyond encouraged to keep blabbing!

thank yous

I don't have a cure for trouble in any genre of life.  My coping advice for the workplace blues was simply my own "thinking outloud" kind of encouragement for anyone feeling beat up and frustrated with work and the people they have to deal with on a day in day out basis.  Each of us have to battle on in our own way whether it be a boss that just won't see the forest for the trees or a fellow employee who pushes all your buttons with glee.  Somehow, you have to plug on believing it will and can get better.  Be encouraged, God sees it all.  Your faithfulness will not go unrewarded!

thank you you

I mentioned working in an environment that kept me in a stressed emotional mess and I can honestly tell you….looking back, I don't know how I did it.  I was over-the-top depressed for a big part of that experience and I clung to the promise that God would deliver me from the evil clutches of the enemy.  He did.  Just not when I thought He should have or could have.  Funny enough, I stuck it out and the enemy almost slipped away unnoticed but I knew, God had intervened FOR ME!  I don't tell this to make you think everything was perfect after that because challenges still plagued me.  However, because of my steadfast keepin' on attitude….I did survive it and I'm so grateful that I hung on!

Perhaps that's why I feel so strongly about pushing my encouragement onto others who are fighting the good fight in the workplace.  Jobs are important to every detail of our lives.  We need money to live, we need to earn our pay as the reward for a job well-done…..but we don't have to be doormats.  Ever.

One of the greatest lessons I've ever learned regarding job bullies, I learned from my wise hubby.  He hasn't been immune to issues (like most people who work), he has a long line of people to keep happy and if you know anything at all about people (since you are one and I am too…you know) it's impossible to keep EVERYONE happy ALL THE TIME!  People get their panties in a wad, they lash out (some send scathing bullyish emails), they overreact and they spout off words or threats in order to get their way.  Those things can be super discouraging but DON'T TAKE IT PERSONALLY!  I know, I know….how can I say that when they are pointing fingers right at you?  Right?  Just listen.  People are stressed everywhere.  They face a boss too.  They feel pressure to perform just like you do and when things get out of control emotions can get out of hand.

Still, don't take it personally.

Respond with integrity.  Don't dream up ways of lashing out and trying to make them look bad.  Diffuse the situation with words that soothe or speak positively about the problem.  You'll be surprised how effective a little warmth will be to a sizzlin' hot situation.

So, for every one of you that have felt all kicked around by work….hang in there!!



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