Working Man Blues

You would think…. now that I don’t work full-time, workplace frustrations wouldn’t affect me.  But, I’m a wife to a working man, a mother to working young adults and a friend to many that punch a time clock every day.  I see the annoyances of work relationships, I hear the stories involving disgruntled or trouble making co-workers and worst of all……I cringe at the temper tantrums and back stabbing that occurs in just about every place of employment.


People can be toxic.  Too often,  they are allowed to be toxic in the work place.

It’s no secret, if you want to bring the best out in your employees….a great leader must make the way by treating each person with respect, by modeling integrity and most of all practicing self-control.  Workplace bullies cause more harm in jobs than any other issue.  I can recall some rather miserable days spent at a job that I loved…..but struggled at because of mean-spirited team members or cruel treatment from a weak leader.

Since GOING POSTAL isn’t logical or a humane way to deal with workplace blues, I’ve come up with a few ways to cope instead of flipping out.  So, this is for you! 

1.  Think before you SPEAK & ACT. 
Remember the advice of your mother when you were growing up.  Stop and give yourself a few minutes before responding to a beligerant employee.  Oftentimes, that person will regret their behavior and by your not joining in on their crazy….you remain a model of character that everyone can trust and rely on as steady & sure.


Strong leaders should never be wishy-washy.   If you’ve ever worked for or with someone who constantly changed gears then you understand the rocky foundation felt by everyone.   It makes the work environment very confusing.   A poor leader often thrives on keeping employees on their toes with this kind of leadership but the truth is, stressed out or afraid of getting fired workers do not perform their best.   Be fair, be considerate and be trustworthy.

3.  Give 100%.
No matter if you are a beat up stifled employee or a loaded down boss, give it your all.  It may go unnoticed but YOU will be able to say that you did your best.  Always be the hardest working person at your employment.  Always.


4.  Never MUDSLING.
We’ve all worked with THAT person who stirred up trouble with their gossip and “get ya” attitude.   It’s miserable but even more it’s wicked.   Don’t be a part of it and never be the one responsible for doing it.  Your reputation will suffer…..even if the people around you agree with what you are saying.  Keep a lid on your emotions.

Workplace relationships are important to the health of your company and to you as employees.   Just like in families,  forgiveness will be key in dealing with a multitude of personalities.  Be quick to offer your offender a pass and move on without holding grudges.  People know when you haven’t gotten over a mistake.   So does God!

In writing this list, I’m reminded that there really is no ideal place to work.  Every job has stress, every employer has weak spots and every person is human (flawed by nature).  Your mental and emotional well-being will forever be tested when combined with these combinations.  You deserve to enjoy what you do for a living but you also play a giant role in making work a positive experience.   If you’re unhappy …..


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