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I can't remember calling home for my mom much during school days unless it was from the Nurse's office and I was deathly ill.  Honestly, I don't think I ever spoke to my mom from school otherwise.  It was all business, dude.  School was sacred ground.  You went, you stayed and you behaved!

Or else.

I currently sub at a high school in a very nice area of Indiana.  The school I work for is at the top of its game in academic scoring and state testing.  The kids aren't perfect but they are on a fast track academically to be very successful college students.  I like the seriousness of the students and staff (it's not all work and no play, I promise) and I really love the freedoms each person has individually on campus.  While there are many rules, none of them are so restrictive that students feel frustrated or eager to lash out and stick it to the man.  For the most part, everyone manages themselves with dignity and respect.

Not all schools are like that.

One thing that I believe is rather popular these days is RESCUE PARENTING.  I'm sure it's not only in my current school because pretty much every kid nowadays has a cell phone and can text mom or dad for just about any need they might have during the school day.  I noticed as I was searching for a parking space just last week.  It was one of those beloved 1/2 days for me, the kind where I lounge around with a cup of coffee in the morning in my pj's while some teacher gets her classroom ready for me to leisurely saunter into around 11am.

I drove up and down the parking lot searching for an open parking place.  Every single spot was full.  The whole time I was thinking, "Hmm, must be a school convo going on or many guest speakers!".  Only, that wasn't it at all.  I realized as I walked into the main office and had to step over all the STUFF that the mom's of Z'ville had been called upon to bring their kids that day.  The piles of bags, shoes, books, book bags, lunches, fast food (yes, I said fast food) and more were stacked and piled as if a great exodus had occured and everyone jumped up and ran.  The poor office secretary was the KEEPER OF THE STUFF and had her hands full with intake and distributing all the left behind stuff.

It reminded me of a time when, if you forgot it… stayed put!

Forgetting something important at home taught you a very valuable lesson.  One that HELPED YOU BE A BETTER AND MORE RESPONSIBLE PERSON!  Now, don't get all worked up and misunderstand me.  I'm a compassionate mom.  Matter of fact, I would have most likely sped down the street too if my kids called with a very important need (I know I did it some time or another).  For the most part, I tried to help them stay organized and on top of their game.  I know there were times…..they needed rescuing in a big way and I peeled out to help.

Sadly, I think it's (the rescuing) gotten a little out of hand.  I mean, what are these kids going to do when they get to college?  Or a big person job?  Call Mom?  Call Honey?  Forgetting your stuff at home is one of the greatest life lessons each of us can experience.  It's one of those, HOLY CRUD…I forgot my lunch? moments.  To which, most of us who starved all day proclaim, "AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, I WILL NOT FORGET MY FOOD TOMORROW!!!".

We learn to take the necessary steps to prevent going hungry all day long because we picked it up when we were young and reckless and Mom wouldn't leave her meeting to bring us lunch at school.  Most of us had to eat that freebie peanut butter and honey sandwich.  Yum, right?

Mom's, I'm not telling you to let your kids go hungry.  All I'm saying is constantly rescuing our kids is doing them a big disservice.  Kids have to learn to be responsible.  When we race to their every whim and mishap, we send them a very confusing message.  We almost train them to think that they are way more important than anything we have to do and if you don't know how dangerous that is……oh boy, I don't know what to tell you.

Ever ran into any entitled people in your comings and goings?

I bet there was a very helpful mom, dad or grandparent in their life somewhere.  You can thank them.  Ha!

I'll close with this….

Kids are smart.  They know stuff.  Stuff like, just how far to push to get their way.  Also, they are very selfish people, by nature.  It's not usually a big deal for them to interrupt YOUR life (to them) even though for you, you might have to leave work or wake up a sleeping baby to run meet their very important needs.  Kids do not need us to teach them to be MORE SELFISH.  They are already equipped to the hilt with that ability.

Do the world a favor and train your kids to be responsible for themselves.  Teach them to learn from their mistakes.  The world will be a better place for all of us, if you do!  And maybe, I'll be able to find a decent parking place.



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