Fashion Friday – Easter Shopping Edition

easter edition

The weather has started to tease us here in Indiana, one warm day followed by needing a jacket the next.  I've learned in my 15 years in this state that picking out a dress for Easter is a huge gamble.  The smartest move is to pick out something that will look super cute with a coat.

April 5th will be here before you know it and if you haven't done your Easter shopping, good news….I'm here to help!  I know picking out an outfit for such a special occasion is personal.  However, you might be looking for a few ideas and that's where my snooping around may help.

From my house to yours, here we go.


The Tulle Skirt

tulle skirt

This lavender beauty is from Anthropologie and costs a whopping $168.  I love it.  I'm a bit too old for tulle skirts these days, but my girls are the perfect age. This isn't the only place to find a sweet tulle skirt.  BlissTulle is a special boutique dedicated to just tulle lovelies.  Really, you could just google tulle skirt and find a ton of choices.

Floral Maxi

floral long

I know you probably feel like I'm cramming florals down your throat….but seriously, this is the season for flowers!  I love the colors of this one and the soft flow.  It would be so pretty on a tall framed chicky.   Natures Song Dress at ModCloth for $147.99

Polka Dot Dress

yellow dress

I grew up shopping at Belk's.  It was our Macy's down south in my rural area.  This Chelsea Suite Polka Dot dress is the perfect match for the lady who loves yellow!  It's only $49.99 too.

Chiffon Maxi Skirt

hot pink

Glory glory halleluia, this skirt is pretty!  It's on a flash sale right now over on Style Girl Boutique for $52 and they have several colors.  Gorgeous!

Spring Sweater

spring chick

Y'all, this Spring Chicken sweater is the cat's meow!  For those of us who never fail to get a little chill for Easter day, it's perfect for looking adorable while hunting Easter eggs.  It's only $28.50

Classic Cardi

card ie

This little cardi is on major sale.  The only catch is that all that's left is Large.  That's just what I needed anyway.  $14.50  I really love the floral skirt the model is wearing too.

Blossoms Skirt

east skirt

Another flowy & floral skirt at just the right length and price.  $42.50 over at & Apparel.

Sleeveless Eyelet Dress


I couldn't post Easter dresses without including something green.  It's so fresh and reminds me, summer is on its way.  This can be purchased on New York & Co. site for $69.95

I'm going to stop here because next week I have shoe dreams to share.  If I don't quit now, I'll be shopping my head off looking for the perfect pair to blow your mind.  Stay tuned for shoe-a-palooza, okay? 

Happy Friday!!

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