Take It Easy

I woke up this morning with a picture in my mind of a "schedule" of activities my middle punk wrote when she was in school.  She had every detail written down with a time frame of accomplishing it on her list.  It was so cute!  I thought about how determined she was to stick to her schedule and WISHED I could do the same.  But, my worn out mind and body just couldn't move….so, I hit the snooze and closed my eyes.

I've been tired all week.  I could blame it on the all weekend birthday party but I don't really believe that's it.  Every year around this time (Spring Break approaching) every person I know seems to be feeling exhausted.  It's a season.  After winter slams us around (snow days, half-days, springing forward and dark mornings) it's hard to fight off the effects of all that body confusion.  

I promised myself (hand on heart) as I staggered into the shower that I would go to bed earlier and that I would make REST a priority.  I mean it!  I have to make it through to next Thursday for Spring Break to begin.  Yippee!  And then, I can live like this –>


Maybe you're tired too.  If you're like me, you need to make some serious life changes to beat off the exhaustion.  But, what?

1 — Go to bed earlier.  I'm a late owl but I feel much better when I get into bed at least by 10pm.

2 — Cut out processed foods.  Eat whole foods and ditch the caffeine & the drive thru.

3 — Exercise.  Even a 15 minute walk-run can do what your body needs to shut it down for rest.

4 — Make 1 day of your week a NO DO day.  Meaning, you don't have to do a list of things.  Take a day OFF and enjoy something fun.  I call it a NO RESPONSIBILITY DAY!

5 — Pick a quiet place and BE QUIET!  Even if it's only 30 minutes.  Your mind needs silence.  It gives your brain time to reflect and refresh.


Exhaustion is a reminder to slow down.  Give yourself a break and try to find a balance.  Otherwise, you're going to be like me…. hitting the snooze and dragging around like you have a lead ball tied to your leg.

And, in the words of the Eagles… Don't let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy!  Take it easy.



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