Book Buzz Gone

I've just finished a book.  Wonk wonk!  If you read (and I hope you do) then you probably know how I'm feeling.  Bummed out!  Finishing up a good book is like breaking up with a friend.  A friend that you really like.

It's sad.

I didn't expect to like it, honestly.  I'm not the biggest fiction fan (I'm pushing myself, people) and the story was lumped in the Gone Girl category of reading, so…. since I didn't love Gone Girl, I wasn't chomping at the bits to read it.

Throw all that out the window with this book though.  I really got caught up in it and closing my tablet on that last page was depressing.  Now, I'm stuck in that lull period of finding another good book to read and because I am NOT RIGHT IN THE HEAD — I'm judging everything I find by that darned book.

I am so weird!!!

If you haven't heard of it and you enjoy a bit of mystery, check out THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN by Paula Hawkins.  It is unpredictable and will force you to feel all sorts of emotions.  I would've finished it sooner but I purposefully slowed down to enjoy it a little bit longer.  It's also only $6.99 for Kindle on Amazon right now.

Now, if you have some suggestions of a good book or two….please help a sister out and leave me a note.

Until we meet again, enjoy your middle of the week Wednesday!

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