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I love learning new things, don’t you? There are so many tried and tested ideas out there that I feel it’s my blogging duty to share a few with you. They’re not my ideas but those of others who have been kind enough to spread the knowledge. I hope you enjoy a thing or two from my linky list!

Need some painting tips? This is one of the best blog posts on all things paint. Know Your Paint

Got a thing for lemons? Eat them, decorate with them…smell them? You will love this post. The Squeeze on Lemons

Do you use rubber gloves? Here’s an idea I bet you’ve never thought of.

Love wearing cashmere but hate dry cleaning? Oh, save yourself the hassle. No more paying a fortune to do what you can do at home. Washing Cashmere

This post remembering sweet Kara Tippets is just one of many floating around out there. Her story is one you’ll never forget. THIS POST is Kara’s letter to all of us after her death. What a courageous woman!

If you love pickled eggs, here’s a recipe just for you. Easter will be sweet and sour this year.

Cooking the ham for Easter this year? How about Crock-pot Coca cola ham?

I love rubber bands but this post takes on a whole nother level of love. So many great ideas.

Need a body detox? This post has a ton of at home detox ideas to make you a whole new person.

Can’t think of any NEW ways to love your hubby? Here’s 55 ways. Get busy!

5 Make-up Beauty Tips from a professional.

Want to impress everyone at your next birthday party with your fancy cake decorating skills? Here ya go.

Have an old door laying around that needs repurposing? I love these tips.

Are you a fan of Annie Sloan paints? I am but I’m really nervous about using it. This post is great for beginners. It’s all about that wax!

Don’t throw out that old headboard!!! I love these repurposed benches. You can do it!!

Love the look of vintage signs but not ready to fork over the big bucks to buy one? Don’t worry, this post is step by step instructions to make your very own. I love this!

Need a quick and cute snack idea. These mini banana splits are just the thing. Yummo!

Enjoy doing crafts with paint sticks? This post has so many cute ideas.

Don’t know EVERYTHING? Tsk tsk, fear not. This post tells you EVERYTHING you never knew about EVERYTHING. Really. Go see.

I love when other people share their nifty knowledge, don’t you?

Happy Hump Day!!!

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