15 Things I Want My Son To Know

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Before I became a mom, I had dreams that all my children would be boys. Boys have a charming way of lassoing your heart and holding it hostage in their grimy little pockets for life. They’re naturally curious, often rambunctious, and full of cockamamey ideas that sometimes get them into trouble. I dig all that. They also have the most incredible loving hearts that if nurtured just right…. will allow them to become the most amazing men who, in turn, end up being the best husbands and fathers our world could ask for.

I married one of those.


I knew the moment that first ultrasound revealed a boy in my bulging belly that I had my work cut out for me. Loving a son would be serious business. Someday, someone besides me would love him and I hoped with all my might that what I did as his mother might enable him to be a loving husband and father and more.


If I had to write out a list of what’s important for my little bundle of blue to learn during his short stay in my home, these are a few at the top of my wish list.

15 Things I Want My Son To Know

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1. Honesty is the best policy. It’s true. Being honest will help you in every aspect of your life. If you make it a habit of being untruthful, you will eventually begin to believe all your lies. Make note: Other’s will not! Therefore, your word….is meaningless.

2. Learn how to lead & know when to follow. Both are very valuable qualities. Never be afraid to learn from others and don’t miss a chance to help someone else out.

3. Be disciplined. Learn how to sit still, obey those in authority and work hard. The honest truth is, being lazy and undisciplined are both easy to accomplish. Working hard and following the rules is a character strengthening feat. You can do it!

4. Chivalry and good manners never die. Don’t fall for the weakening of either in our society. Always hold doors, give up your seat and chew with your mouth closed. Also, wash your hands. No one likes sticky handshakes!
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5. Know the Law of the Harvest. You really will reap what you sow. Be a man of integrity in all areas of your life. If you cheat, it will come back to you…perhaps through humiliation or worse. If you lie or hurt others, be prepared to face that reality too. What goes around comes around.

6. Believe in yourself. Not every day of your life will be incredible. Learn to cope with failures and figure out how to chase down all your dreams. You will always have a family that believes the best about you. Lean on them when you need it most.

7. Don’t buy a motorcycle. Just throwing that in here. Some dummy will hit you. Your mother will lose countless hours of sleep. It’s just a miserable sport.
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8. Real men do cry. It’s not a sign of weakness to show emotion. Ever. If anything, it shows your strength to love and your compassion. Very nice qualities.

9. Don’t be a jerk. Having sisters will clearly open you up to being called one during sometime in your life. However, your very nature should not be one of the characteristic jerk dude. Be nice, thoughtful and kind-spirited.

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10. Chicks dig guys who can sing, play music and dance. Learn to play the guitar or some sort of musical instrument. Girls really do love it.
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11. Learn to apologize and offer forgiveness. You’re going to make mistakes. Own them. Apologize and move on. Also, decide to be a good forgiver. It will bless you more than you can ever imagine.

12. Help people. Give of your time, your money and your heart every chance God gives you. You never know when you’ll be the one in need.

13. Protect your name. Some say that a man’s reputation is directly linked to his heart and I would have to agree. Who you are on this earth is important not only to those around you but to God. Learn to please him with your life and lifestyle.

14. Trust & believe in the One True God. You are wonderfully created in His image. You belong to Him. Obey Him, honor Him and direct others to Him with your life. You were put here specifically by Him for Him. Don’t waste your time here.


15. Call your mom. No woman on the earth will ever love you as wholly and completely as she will. Show her the respect and honor she deserves by calling her just to say, “Hey Mom!”.


Okay Mama’s, nothing will ever prepare your heart to mother a boy. Learn to enjoy every bloody injury, painted garbage can and constant hungry stomach. The time you’ll spend mothering him will zip by so fast….you’ll wish you had a time machine.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for my son. Through him, I have felt your love for me a million times.


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