Fashion Friday – Places You Shop Edition

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Why not make this easy, that’s what I say to myself when I’m going through my head thinking of what to post on today’s FASHION FRIYAY addiction edition. I mean, I understand. Not everyone shops online (Gasp, I know) and not everyone has access to Macy’s or Nordstrom’s (seriously sad, huh?). Every week, I post cute items from both of those stores and also tons of other online spots that I frequent. Ahem, for research purposes…..of course!

Today, I’m going all in and shopping for you at places everybody has access to. Unless you live in the bush of Alaska and if that’s the case, you won’t be needing any of the cutesy stuff I’m throwing up online. You are going to need a parka! So, stop torturing yourself and click over on the Patagonia site, will ya?!

From good old Walmart you can load up your cart with Dean’s icecream, shoe polish, washing detergent, clothing and JEWELS!!! Just look at what I found on CLEARANCE!!!

Lucite Pastel Statement Necklace

fash fri 1

The sweet soft pastel caught my eye as I was scrolling along and I’m telling you….I’m on my way out for some shopping this morning and I am hitting Walmart to see if I can find this little lady. For $5 American dollars! You betcha, mama wants!

Since I am a complete GRITS kind of lady, I cannot skip over a sweet strand of pearls. Every lady, let me say that again….EVERY SINGLE LADY on God’s green earth needs a strand of pearls to wear around her neck. It is very doable at this whopping steal of a price. $78 dollars!

Ultra Luster 8-9mm 18″ White Pearl Necklace

fash fri pearls

Know what else every lady needs? A comfy maxi dress. This is just one of many that Walmart carries and if you are leary of pulling the trigger on a dress like this let me encourage you to TRY IT! I’ll even tell you a few ways to wear a maxi dress (or at least how I would do it). Trust me, I’m in love with the comfy feel and the trendy style ain’t so bad either.

Fourteenth Place Maxi

fash fri maxi

This maxi has a few things going for it; the halter style neckline and the color black. I’m old, so I can say this…..the halter style is flattering on just about every body. Now, to wear it for larger busted ladies….we will need to wear something over it. Unless, you are uber confident in your appearance (which, I am NOT when it comes to showing off the old lady chest area).

Here’s what I’d do — >

fash fri jean jack

Yes. A jean jacket.

If you do not own a jean jacket, Lord help you! It is the best $29.99 dollars you will spend. You can wear it with EVERYTHING!!!!! It is literally one of my favorite go-to items in my wardrobe. Throw it on over a tank top. Wear it with your favorite MAXI DRESS. Use it in the summertime with a cute tee and a pair of shorts. I’m willing to lay my heart on the line here when I tell you, it will pick up your wardrobe as if you’ve just had a shopping spree at a Lily Pulitzer shop (ok, that is an exaggeration…but you get it, right?). BUY A DANG JEAN JACKET!!!

Oh, and another way to wear the maxi is with a cute pair of wedges and a sweater. Or, you could even wear a pair of flats and no jacket or sweater. It’s a buffet of options. Buy it, wear it and wait for all the compliments.

This little number is only $29.99 at your local Wally!!!

Just adding this jacket over the black maxi, takes you from a lady trying to look like she’s heading to the Dollar Tree prom to a gal with some serious sassyfashion! You’ll look comfy, dressy and trendy all for under $50!!!

You’re welcome!

Because I mentioned shorts, I have to throw in a pair that Walmart sells. They can be worn casual or a little dressed up. Again, the sky is the limit with this stuff. These come in 4 colors and are only $12.94

Faded Glory Women’s Shorts

fash fri shorts

How about a little Tarshay shopping? Nobody can hate on Target. If they do, they are dead to me! I read yesterday, they are getting a line from LILY PULITZER in April!!! Wahoo!

Go HERE and just drool, I mean, look at all the pretty Lily heading to Target on April 19th!!! O M G !!!

I’ll be honest and admit, I am not a big tee-shirt wearing person. However, there does come a time that wearing them is trendy and cute. Picking something like this tee is not going to put you in the lazy or sloppy look. This tee has the option of looking a little glam while still being a TEE-SHIRT! I would wear a blingy statement necklace and a jean jacket with shorts or even a fun skirt. It’s so cheap too! I see this all over Instagram in a ton of cute outfits. No joke!

Celfie Graphic Tee $12.99

fash fri celfie

Ladies, can we talk? Don’t be hurt by the tee-shirt snub. I’m not trying to be haughty when say LIMIT your wearing of the t-shirt. Husbands like seeing their women looking a little lady like and feminine. T-shirts, like that old tie-dye number that’s stretched out and stained that you wear all the time with your yoga pants (those, he likes) but not that nasty t-shirt. Put on something that kicks it up a notch. Even your confidence will change, I swear!

Remember my mentioning WEDGES? These are so cute from Target. At a steal for $29.99

I’m thinking….shorts, dresses, skirts & jeans will all work with a pair of these doll babies!

fash fri wedge

Meredith Zip Wedge

Let me tell you though….NOT ALL WEDGES FEEL GOOD! You HAVE to try on a lot of brands and kinds to find your prince/wedge. Only buy, do you hear me? ONLY BUY the ones that feel good to walk around in. Or you’ll hate me and the dang shoes I walked in on!

I can’t leave out JC Penney. It’s not your grandma’s store anymore. They are keeping up with trend and selling some of the prettiest women’s clothes. And at great prices with super coupons. Go look!

Worthington Sleeveless Floral $29.99

fash fri jc p

Sorry about the tiny pic. The site was wonky and wouldn’t let me save it in regular format. It’s a floral shift style dress. There were so many to choose from, you’ll surely find something to love there.

I know what it’s like to need or want something stylish to wear and not have a clue where to start. I’m here to tell you though, shop at your local stores (you’re probably buying catsup and eggs anyway). Some of the MOST COMPLIMENTED outfits I wear, I bought at a Walmart (usually on a clearance rack) or a Target. People are not checking your labels to decide if you are fashion worthy of their presence and IF THEY ARE….you are hanging with the wrong crowd!

Get out there, buy local and show everyone around you that YOU GOT STYLE sister!

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