I Love My State

I’m grateful for the freedom that I have to disagree with anyone who doesn’t think or believe the same as me. Aren’t you? I’m an American and by that title alone, I am blessed with the right to live freely and hold dearly to my faith and countless other standards without the worry of death or punishment.

God bless America.

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I’m a transplant of sort. I was born and raised in Florida by a family whose roots run deep and wide throughout that great state. My family is what’s known as Crackers. They’ve been there, forever. I, on the other hand….snuck off and raised my family somewhere else, Indiana!

indiana harvest

My first house to live in – in the great state of Indiana, was smack dab in the middle of a rural area that was full of cornfields. Matter of fact, when we would drive into town….it was a good idea to LOOK OUT for jumping deer as we meandered up and down, twisting and turning through the many high stalks of corn on the sides of the road. I used to sing as I roared through the corn, songs about cornfields to my kids. When fall would arrive and the harvest begin, life in Indiana made perfect sense to me. I loved every single thing about this new state I found myself in and tried my best to teach that to my kids. I think it worked! My family is rather fond of Indiana!

indiana fall

I can’t claim (oh wait, I’ve lived here 16 years now), I will claim it as my home. I happily consider myself a citizen of the state of Indiana and I refuse to sit by and let the haters scream as loud as they can about how awful and wrong my state is for signing a bill into effect that protects its citizens. Seriously! I am not a person who discriminates against another and neither is my state or governor! The bill that everyone is jumping up and down about is being wholly misrepresented and twisted. That’s what happens though when people get their information from social media and refuse to do their research from a source that is legit.

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I have watched as friends, Christians, politicians, companies and even people who may NEVER ever visit my state have stood up and spoken out against the bill and Indiana as being discriminatory. Some of them have even been outright UGLY, to the point of embarrassing behavior. Over a bill that no ones seems to have a total bit of knowledge about, just limited and one-sided information. That’s pretty dangerous, to me.

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I’ve thought about it, long and hard and here’s what I think (not that it matters to you, really)….

I love the state of Indiana. I don’t agree with every single thing that happens here, but I probably wouldn’t agree with everything…anywhere I might set up camp. I own a home, I’ve raised 3 of the world’s greatest kids here, I’ve worshiped in some of God’s most amazing churches, my husband has made a great living for our family with jobs in Indiana, we’ve made some of the most wonderful friends while living here, we’ve invested in state colleges for our children and for my hubby in this state, we’ve traveled, stayed and loved every inch of Indiana over the last 16 years and OUR HEARTS BELONG TO INDIANA!

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We choose to stay here.


And, we choose to do it with pride.

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So, for the haters – I’m really sad to see you feel so negatively about the state of Indiana. It bothers me. Really, it disturbs me. The world is full of hate and when it’s directed at something I love (like, when non-believers pick on Christians) it affects me. I can’t help but feel defensive. Boycotting, screaming untruths all over social media and tv isn’t going to change a single thing. Over the many years I’ve been alive, if I’ve ever learned one great lesson….it is this –>

People will never agree on any one thing, ever. Luckily, for us, we have the freedom to disagree.

I LOVE INDIANA! I will continue to love Indiana and I invite you and anyone that you love to visit this great state and if you run into mean-spirited Hoosiers, don’t judge them as all of Indiana. Note that our world has people of all walks of this life who behave inappropriately and represent themselves in a way that dishonors self and country everywhere. Don’t pin every bad moment on one state. Please?

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