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Today’s post is dedicated to all the mama’s who have been bamboozled into thinking that they have no rights over their children’s lives.


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I’m smart enough to know there is no perfect formula for raising kids. Not every household shares the same personality makeup and certainly not the same family dynamic. Every family, every home is unique. What works in one house may not work in another right next door.

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That’s the beauty of being a family. Each person has the freedom to grow into the special and unique human God created them to be. But, I’m getting a bit off topic because what I want to talk about is the very popular belief that mama’s/parents have lost the authority to be PARENTS to their kids.

From what I’ve observed, the world has bought into the attitude that kids will be kids and there’s not much you can do about it cliche. That’s a bunch of hooey! While there are absolutes in what kids will try and how far they’ll push, the honest truth is….kids are looking for some direction.

I love how far technology has come, don’t you? I mean, who would’ve ever thought we would have access to so much at just our fingertips? As a mom, that’s really scary. Our kids are little geniuses from a really young age and for a lot of us (parents) that’s rather intimidating. Kids are equipped with more knowledge at younger ages than the law should allow. I’m not talking about educational knowledge…..I’m straight up referring to all the stuff of the world.

Last week, Jen Hatmaker (my favorite human on the whole internet world) wrote a few pieces for the Today Show on parenting. I laughed, I screamed and I fell over in my chair with a happy heart at her take on all things parenting. She reminded me just how crazy I used to be (ok, still am) about my kids and how I literally almost killed myself trying to do it all just right. I lived, by the way and so did my 3 little punkins! But, I convinced myself that I had to do many things in order for those 3 little humans to live and be happy.

It was worth it. But, if I had it to do over again…..I would take it a little easier on myself.

After she penned her sweet words about HOW BIG she loved her children, she wrote a post titled What Would My Mom Do? And for any of you darlin’s that grew up in the 70’s-80’s, you MUST READ THIS POST!!! You will most likely be transported back to a time when parenting accomplished exactly what needed to be and weeded out whatever tried to wriggle its way in.

Want to know some of your most important parental rights?

That phone you give your kid…. you have the right to look at it, limit what he or she does on it and take it away ANY TIME YOU WANT!!

Cellphones are dangerous! More and more kids (younger than pre-teens) are being given these devices and parents are turning their heads at all the internet freedoms that come with these smart phones. Guard your kids hearts, it’s your right to protect them from the junk available with just a click.

Laptops, home computers and even tablets are another window into a world that cannot be unseen once it’s discovered. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT to invade their “privacy” on those tools. Stop letting them guilt you into thinking you’re just an old fuddy-duddy who just doesn’t trust them or want them to have fun! Of course you are, and you have the sense to know, NO ONE IS PERFECT or trustworthy enough to be cut free on the internet! Especially not a kid!

Who your kids run with (and I don’t mean jogging) is important. Stop allowing them to hang in circles that open them up to stuff your family doesn’t participate in. So many parents give their kids over to bad habits and more all because they don’t want to limit who they make friends with. FOOLISHNESS! Kids are so impressionable! You have the right to direct them to healthy friendships. God has given you a brain and a heart of discernment. If it doesn’t feel right….step in and change it.

Every parent has to make the decision as to what will be acceptable in their family and not. Many are wide open with an attitude of “it’s going to happen one way or another” and others are gripped so tightly that they’re stifling the very breath out of their kids. I don’t think any of us ever know if our methods are working or not (sadly, until it’s too late). I do believe that with lots of practice and tons of support, parents can raise their children to be well-rounded and whole individuals who make society a better place.

It’s time to stop thinking… have no rights to your kids lives.

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