Stuff That Makes Me Need Botox


My very intense high strung personality does not do me many favors in the world of hiding my emotions. Neither does my Sue Jr (that’s my mama) mouth! I take crap personally! Such a weakness for me. Sadly, all those millions of emotions that I feel throughout the day, stick with me.

In my face!

I bet you’re wondering just what it is that makes me need Botox, aren’t ya? Well, I’ll tell ya.

Stupidity – This isn’t a mean-spirited attempt at picking on anyone in particular. But, other humans who make the decision to blast and go on & on about a topic that they have limited information about….that’s stupidity at its highest.

botox 2

Bad Drivers – If this is you, perhaps you should stop reading now. I want to make it clear. I love driving. I do it well. Not perfect, but fairly safely and smart-like. When bad drivers pull out, slow down and are undecided WHERE they want to go, my blood pressure goes sky high! I also have a giant dislike for the jerk driver. You know the one, the VIP who zips up on the right when you’re stuck in a line of traffic in the left lane? And he wants to pass you all? Nice. Real nice. I need some Botox just thinking about it! Hrmph!

botox 1

Swim suit shopping – Shut up, if you’re skinny! Who cares? I’m not. Anymore. So, there’s that.

botox 3

Poor service – I’ll begin my rant with a positive thought. It is NOT easy to please people, ever. Customer service jobs are NOT FOR EVERYONE! So, if you are someone who doesn’t like servicing people…rethink your career choice. Also, people who are jerky or mean to service giving employees STOP THAT! I feel really frustrated with paying for a meal out (usually a lot of dollhairs) and getting poor or rude service.

botox 4

Phone Hogs – Oh, you know who you are. People who are with you but NOT with you because they play on their phones the whole time you’re together. Wow! It’s fun hanging with them, huh?
botox 5

Look familiar?

Oh and don’t let me skip the cellphone talking shopper that follows you around the store chatting (usually about personal stuff) and laughing out loud! That’s a frowny-face making scenario, honestly. Go away, go to your car…find a spot to sit down and talk if it’s that important. Let people shop without having to listen to your personal conversation. That goes for the bathroom too! Yuck!

Calling a loved one or anyone who has passed away an ANGEL – No, no….no! We do not die and turn into angels. Stop saying that, it’s not possible. Angels are God’s creation. Humans are as well. God made both but didn’t make them the same. Know the difference. And please, don’t teach that to your kids.

botox angels

P.S. I do believe in angels.

BULLIES – Mean people have never been afraid to pick on others. You don’t have to be a skinny glasses wearing kid anymore to experience cruel or unkind treatment either. The internet has opened up a whole world to the bullies of our society. The best part? They love to do it so that others can see they are really passionate about a subject they disagree with you on and setting you straight in the form of ridicule fuels their egos!

The truth is, they are bullies! And everybody knows….bullies are mean!
botox 6

Animal cruelty – I’ve learned to skip articles or photos on social media regarding horrible animal cruelty. Not because I want to ignore that it’s happening but because it makes me so sick that I can’t stop dwelling on it. I literally cannot understand HOW A HUMAN BEING CAN TORTURE AND KILL INNOCENT DOMESTIC ANIMALS. I’ll just be honest. You suck!

botox suck

Jeffrey Dahmer wannabees steer clear of me or any pets around me. I will stick up for innocent animals!

Mom’s who curse at their kids – Look, if you’re frazzled, I get it. But what I don’t get…is why in the heck you have to scream and curse at your little kids in the middle of a store. Seriously Mom! Leave, walk away….find someone to help you out. Stop hurting your kids like that. You’ll never convince me that your heart is okay. Anyone who mistreats their kids by cursing at them is surely physically abusive too.

botox mom

I know, I could go on and on about all the stuff that makes me scrunch up my face in horror. However, if all I do is think about the stuff that drives me crazy…..I’m giving all my power over and I’m just NOT GOING TO DO THAT! So, I’m going to smile when I encounter trouble and I’m going to laugh when meanness is hurled my way and I’m going to TRUST GOD with my emotions when I really want to whig out.

Because…..Botox is expensive and I like buying STUFF way more than fixing my face! Don’t you?

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